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Microsoft screwed over so many indie developers last gen that they don't want to work with them as much, or aren't as confident in doing so. They dropped the ball there and Sony picked it up!

Screwed them? If by screwed you mean help legitimize them through xbla then I guess.

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Sony is money hatting indies and Microsoft is money hatting AAA. That's at least what it looked like prelaunch.

But now quite a few AAA developers are focusing on the PS4 versions of their games first. As Jeff mentioned on this weeks podcast, most developers seem to be sending the press the PS4 versions of their games rather than the Xbox One versions. Microsoft may indeed have been "money hatting" AAAs but ultimately that matters less than the power of the console and how good the tools are.

I was talking about console exclusives, not lead platforms.

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Sony is money hatting indies and Microsoft is money hatting AAA. That's at least what it looked like prelaunch.

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If you can afford it I'd recommend a macbook. I've done a fair amount of development on both Windows and OSX, but I definitely prefer OSX. Can't beat that bash terminal and the file structure is a light nicer. The only reason to use windows for dev work is if your doing .NET stuff which is great because Visual Studio is god tier. Overall, though I definitely prefer my mac for development.

Also, if you want an IDE for java, use intellij, fuck eclipse. vim > emacs. And sublime is my favorite text editor right now because there are some great shortcuts in it. One more thing, I'd definitely recommend just using a plain text editor for c or c++, i pretty much only use vim when doing those but I don't do them that often.

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So I can stream them from the site, but the app I use to play them no longer works. I was trying to listen to the 10 - 06 - 2009 episode using the Pocketcasts app on android and none of the Giant Bomb podcasts work now. I tried feeds from other sites and they're fine, this pulls them from the RSS feed btw.

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If you say, "Hi" and people ignore you despite knowing you than your best bet is to just smile and go on with what you are doing. The best way to deal with someone who "wants" to punish you social is not not feel/show a reaction. If ist was a small brush off just let it go and be nice, if it si a major brush off then deal with them when they do start talking to you again.

If they start talking to you again say, "Oh, we ARE on speaking terms? I must have been mistaken...or maybe not." If they apologize, accept it and be neutral to them for awhile. If they act hostile, than just tell them, "I'm not in the mood for drama", and ignore them. Don't get drawn into passive aggressive behavior and avoid people who use active aggressive behavior.

Do this extremely passive aggressive thing to avoid getting drawn in to passive aggressive behavior. Also, talk about making drama out of what was probably nothing.

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Also, just because it's been awhile:

I came here to make sure this was posted. Now that I see that it has, I can breathe a sigh of relief and leave.

The true one hasn't even been posted:

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I mean that "What the fuck has happened that 84/100 is considered a bad score?".

I don't think anyone was saying it was bad, but enough games are released that most people only have time for the really good stuff and therefore anything that is scoring <80 people don't bother with.

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I still think its criminal that New Vegas only ended up at 84.

As much as I love NV, it was super buggy at release for most people.

What the fuck has happened to games criticism?

What does this mean?

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I rather enjoyed the heated conversation. It was nice hearing them talk passionately about games. I'm on Brad's side in this though. Most shooters with short time to kill just boil down to killing the other team as fast as possible.