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Also, just because it's been awhile:

I came here to make sure this was posted. Now that I see that it has, I can breathe a sigh of relief and leave.

The true one hasn't even been posted:

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I mean that "What the fuck has happened that 84/100 is considered a bad score?".

I don't think anyone was saying it was bad, but enough games are released that most people only have time for the really good stuff and therefore anything that is scoring <80 people don't bother with.

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I still think its criminal that New Vegas only ended up at 84.

As much as I love NV, it was super buggy at release for most people.

What the fuck has happened to games criticism?

What does this mean?

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I rather enjoyed the heated conversation. It was nice hearing them talk passionately about games. I'm on Brad's side in this though. Most shooters with short time to kill just boil down to killing the other team as fast as possible.

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Smite is pretty different because of the perspective shift. I guess monday night combat would be the most unique? MOBA is pretty narrow genre that seems like if you stray to far it is no longer a MOBA.

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I'd love to know what you guys think though.

I don't think you're going to get a very good discussion on this subject from a site whose user base is predominately males under 30. If you'd love to read real discussion on the matter, it's out there. If you want a choir to preach to, then by all means, continue.

I'm not sure I understand. If it takes women to tell what is sexist and what isn't, then we are all in deep trouble. The GiantBomb community is one of the more reasonable gaming communities that I know of. I was just interested in what reasonable people would think. I'm a male under 30, but I'm still very capable of treating women as the equals they are. I can only assume you guys do that as well. Hence, I don't understand why this couldn't lead to thoughts on this subject being shared.

The community is alright on most things, but they really seem to get up in arms whenever sexism is brought up.

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I got a 96/100 on the test. I always do well on tests.

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I think this guy works for EA after looking at his past posts.

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I hate all the music and background shit in this weeks episode.

Go stomp on some kittens or something since you seem to hate awesome things.

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I think Vinny's a flat out better host. So I would like it. Jeff was fun to mix it up every once in a while when Ryan was the regular host and he's an ok host, but Ryan and Vinny just seem better. I think they should give it a try for a bit at least.