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Same here

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@Shaka999 said:

Now that I have a PS3, I feel like I should try the first and third resistances. Skip the second.

Would that be right, fellow GBers?

Yes, that is the correct thing to do.

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Hey bombers

I recently got a kickass android phone and I'm trying to make the switch from iPod nano to phone music player but I'm having trouble with my podcasts. Does anyone have a good android podcast app?

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Nvm thanks everyone.

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I just got an error booting up steam telling me to try again later, anyone'/???

False alarm, problem fixed, panic averted.

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You sound like you have very strong opinions about this film. Why don't you go to Screened and write yourself a more full fleshed review because your dislikes seem interesting and I'd like to see more.

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@crusader8463: Well specifically I want something that me and my friends can watch where we all pick characters and see which of us make it to the end. We did it with event horizon and Dead snow and had a great time. I figured outsource out my search to the WM community to help me out :P What ever genera a movie you can think of would fit, not really horror but I imagine most of them would be horror

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Hey guys,

My friends and I would like to watch a particular type of movie tonight. The kind where you are given a specific set of characters may or may not die before the end. Examples being Cube, Exam, Battle Royale, and Dead Snow. Anybody got any ideas (I know screened could also help me and I've posted this there too, just figured I'd go to the masses first)

Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

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I would recommend Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, (I might get some shit for this) ABBA. Holiday and Fitzgerald are both Jazz singers but they are something else. Janis Joplin, I'm sure most of you have heard has such a powerful and emotional voice that you'd never expect upon seeing her. ABBA, well, they are just good.

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All I hear is people fighting over money.