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Interesting. I wonder what this will mean for all those new restrictions on streaming background music etc. that came in.

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@patrickklepek Just so you know, you misspelt Brendan Keogh. Awesome piece as usual, though.

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I'm glad they did this, if it means more people will play it. But on the other hand I think playing that game in any way other than the most brutal difficulty is completely missing the point.

I am quite comfortable in the knowledge that I will probably never beat chapter 3. Whenever I play GWBW I feel dirty and terrible and wrong, and I feel like I would be a worse person for having finished it, if I ever did so. I love the story and the characters, and the intense management puzzles they provide, but that feeling of being somehow a bad person was what I treasured most of all with my time with it.

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Just a heads up Patrick, but you misspelt Susan Arendt. A solid read as always, man.

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It's very interesting reading about this stuff from the perspective of someone who lives in the US. You talk about streaming TV, music, or movies as if that ain't no thing, but I think you'd find reasonably large populations of other countries, (for example Australia, where I am) where that is simply not the norm, far from it in fact.

I dream of something other than a crappy ADSL2+ connection which barely even qualifies having a "2" or a "+", but there isn't anybody who can provide it too me, there simply aren't any providers in my area (I suspect that this would also apply to many Americans living in more remote parts of the US).

I'm not streaming movies from any service, I'm buying a couple of DVDs or Blurays once every few months. I'm certainly not buying CDs, I'll give you that, but I am purchasing almost all of my music in the form of single download DRM-free type packages from places like Bandcamp. I'm still definitely buying books, though. I read a monitor or screen in a completely different way to how I read physical pages.

And while I mostly purchase games digitally (I'm a PC gamer in Australia, so even with Steam's regional markups, it's usually still cheaper than retail, especially when factoring in transport costs of getting to a store), other forms of media are mostly not an option, either because of technical constraints, or purely economical ones.

I'm not really sure what point I'm making, if any, but I hope this is interesting at least?

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An interesting read. I'm still mostly blank on the whole Mountain thing. I'm glad it exists, but I don't know that I care about it all that much. Also this was funny to read with the Autocard Anywhere Firefox extension. Magic cards everywhere.

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@patrickklepek This is *super* nitpicky, but assume you meant to italicise the "what", not the "bums" here:

"I know what bums me out--the perpetuation of old franchises due to market viability--but I'm less clear on the why,"

Oh, and excellent piece by the way.

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Man, this is fucking awesome.

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Glenbrook, New South Wales, Australia

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@robtea: Awesome! I'll give it a go!