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@truthtellah: the link to the Clash at Demonhead link is broken, I think there is one too many "/b"s in there

EDIT: also thank you very much for compiling this list

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33° 48′ 12″ N, 118° 20′ 23″ W

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So it's a first person walker.

You know, I might actually be a market for first person walking games, if they walked around anywhere worth looking at. Why can't I go on a tour of Prague instead of wandering around forests and dirt roads? Because there's more trees and dirt textures in the Unity Store?

I highly doubt you get Olly Moss on your team and then use some free bullshit textures in your game. C'mon, son.

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This has the appropriate amount of dignity.

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@matthew had started just such a project but I don't know how far he is quite an undertaking though.

We gotta get the guy who annotates and timestamps all the Idle Thumbs episodes on YouTube to help out with this project.

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@hudlommen: I agree that it is weird.

End of the year came and went, no mention of Ryan.

No memorial GOTY award, no nothing.

Soon there will be people joining the site that will never even know he existed...but I guess that's how they want to deal with it and I'm not allowed to have an opinion right? Cool. Good talk.

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I had to read the sequence of words "official internet explorer anime" about 11 times before I could even approach beginning to derive any semblance of meaning from them.

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This is the first that springs to mind for me:


Nouvelle Vague is exclusively a covers band with a French-y bossa nova-y sound, so if you like that sound you will probably prefer almost all of their versions to the originals which sound nothing like this :P

Honorable mention goes to a cover of a song which I like equally as much as the original, because they are both super awesome in their own ways:

EDIT: I forgot Jenny Owen Youngs and Pomplamoose and the A.V. Club's Covers project.

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@saptis said:

why there's no new content ?


Anyway, ILM is dead, just let it go.