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Eagerly awaiting the John Walker interview where he just absolutely tears into the Houser brothers for these delays, oh and also he diagnoses them with narcissistic personality disorder.

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My go-to order is 2 crunchy tacos and a chicken quesadilla. Lately I have been adding an additional quesadilla because I am getting divorced. Also I tried a crunchwrap recently which is pretty good...I want to start trying different things there. The menu is a lot more diverse now than it used to be, even if the chalupas and chilitos are missing (RIP).

EDIT: Fuck it imma go right now, drive thru is still open

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I like Teens React and I don't care who knows it!

Those are some charismatic Teens.

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Hey guys I'm from Ireland. I've been reading the articles and reviews for a while now but only recently just joined. I work with/photograph Metal bands and like to game and listen to music, I have other hobbies too but gaming probably gets the top spot.

I'm loving the Twin Peaks avatar. I'm in the midst of my first viewing of the series....on season 2 episode 6.

Oh, and uh.....welcome!

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Good thing this thread got necrobumped so we could get a quality post like that one ^

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I love it. Mostly just for the shipping, I've browsed the streaming stuff but not used it much. Also....

....I'm sharing the account with a friend who buys a lot of horror DVDs and benefits from the free shipping. Also he bought his dad a Fire TV so Prime is good for that too. So combined with the fact that I'm getting the student price and I could split the membership fee with my friend...I'm totally happy with it.

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I already ruined my ability to try this by letting my son play a shitload of lego games on 360

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I think of Raiden as trying desperately to be Snake but never quite reaching his level

Have you played MGR?

Also, quality post A++ would read again.