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the originals are always the best

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While that's often the case, that absolutely was NOT the case with the Fable series.  The original Fable (which I had kept up on before it was even called Fable) was supposed to be so much more, and totally didn't deliver.  Fable 2 was much closer to what the original Fable should have been.  Fable 3 felt much more linear.  It was less about the character you were carefully trying to craft and more about the ruler you become.

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Fable 1

Fable 2 was ok but Nowhere near as good.

Have yet to play Fable 3
Posted by Obsidian

I'm waiting for Fable 3 on the PC to check it out so I can't say for sure. The original was one of my favorite WRPG's though, so I'd have to say that one.

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Fable 2

Fable TLC had a good story and interesting world, but the controls and camera were so bad I couldn't enjoy it.
Fable 2 I only bought after a co-worker had been pestering me for 2-3 days about how great it was, and it was.
Fable 3 was garbage.

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The lost chapters (Fable 1) was best for me.

Fable 2 was also good.

And Fable 3 is a gimped version of Fable 2. Not bad, but not good either.







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It's a pretty tough split between Fable 1 and 2.

Fable 3 can eat poop. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HURT ME LIKE THAT!!!!

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Fable 2 was really good for me if nothing but for the ways I could fuck with the NPCs.

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Fable 1.

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The one thing that still really stands out from Fable 1 for me was the wager system - why in the hell did they ever take that out? It was such a wonderful little twist on the Hero concept.
They each hit certain marks the other weren't able to hit very well (or at all). They could hand pick elements from each one, cobble them up into a super Fable.

Fable 1 had the best World and Hero customization, it also felt like a proper Fable, spanned a long time, many locations, loved the integration of the Old Gods (forget what they're properly called in the Fable series, but the guys pre-Old Kingdom).

Fable 2 had the Dog (and it worked unlike Fable 3's Dog) and more of the 'non-hero' bits, like real estate and family. And I for one really liked the Magic system in this one, esp compared to Fable 3's.

Fable 3 had... well it had the best Narrative of them all (though certainly with lots of faults), also marked the 1st time in the series that a moral choice wasn't clear cut black and white (the very 1st choice only), I also heavily enjoyed the Weapon Upgrading system as it forced me out side of my comfort zone made of  over powered moves/spells.

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Fable 1. I really didn't like the industrial direction the next two took.

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I enjoyed Fable 2 more than I did 1, and I only played Fable 3 in short bursts at a friends house but it seemed more tedious than the second.

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The lost chapters. 2 and 3 can't even compete.

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I would have to say Fable 2 though I liked the "world" and story of Fable 1 best.  The further they move further technology wise in Albion I think it just hurts the appeal of the place for me.

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@SteamPunkJin said:

 loved the integration of the Old Gods (forget what they're properly called in the Fable series, but the guys pre-Old Kingdom)

The gods were Avo and Skorm, whose religions evolved in to Fable 2's Light and Shadows.
The Old Kingdom was the one ruled my the Archons and destroyed by the first Spire.
The only thing "pre-old kingdom" referenced was the Court , the Blades, and William Black.
They had a good back story for Fable 1, but for Fable 2 that's when they released the whole history of Albion and connected the two games.
They also let you play a puppet show version of your heroes father in the Hero of Southcliff game on their website.
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Fable: TLC, 2 and 3 blow cock, can't fathom how people think they even remotely compare.
Posted by Landon

I enjoyed Fable 2 the most. Fable 1 is also great. Fable 3 sucks. Period.

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I liked Fable 3 and 2 equally, it's really hard for me to decide. Fable 1 was the worst I find.

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Fable 2, because I loved the industrial feel and combat. Fable 1 is very close behind.

I haven't played Fable 3 yet, and I might never play it after hearing all the naysaying. (but I totally will, someday)
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Lost Chapters. Hands down my favorite.