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Play them and then watch so you can rage out at all the goofy things that happen.

The games hold up fairly well if you understand their quirks. Metal Gear Solid Original Recipe runs pretty well despite so many games of that era being happy will 20ish fps. The biggest thing to remember that Drew didn't use in the first game was going into a load/transition acts like a checkpoint. So if you use all your rations and run through a door with a load you are stuck with no rations. If you go through a crazy long dialog and don't want to hear it again, but are at a tough part, run through a load door and back. If you used all your ammo and rations on a pointless fight with guards, you may want to just die and come back since as long as you follow that trick you probably won't lose too much progress.

A mild spoiler for the show, but not the game so don't be too scared to read it:

In one episode Drew goes through a really long dialog and then tries to grab two tricky items all in one run. He pretty much spends an entire episode of this. He could have heard the codec, checkpoint, get one item, checkpoint, got the last item, checkpoint and had a much easier time had he known you could do that. Not his fault, though, of course.

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Firefox. I'm used to it and I vastly prefer the way the scrolling feels. Chrome doesn't feel noticeably faster to me and the botnet stuff makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

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@azrailx: As far as I can tell from the early access stuff it won't have the variety you are seeking. The current content is also pretty lean, but that was their plan. Make the game work well and then start adding other stuff in.

If you are worried about performance issues or stability, don't. This game runs nicely and I have yet to see any issues aside from a point where my ping went up like crazy, but I'm pretty sure that was on my side. Gave me a good chance to check out the lag compensation too. Handled rather well for a 500 ms ping.

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I totally agree and forgot about that gun. I didn't like how the SMG seemed twice as loud as everything else in the game. I loved the pulse rifle. It felt meaty and did some real damage. Shame you carry so little ammo for it.

@alexw00d said:

I believe it's technically a PDW, which is similar to an SMG, but different, firing rifle rounds instead of handgun rounds. Or something like that anyway.

It fires a hybrid round which is essentially a smaller caliber (narrower slug) higher velocity (lots more powder in a bulkier cartridge) round than handguns traditionally have. These rounds were however also created to be fired from handguns so really PDW is almost more of a branding distinction. PDW is basically the 21st century version of the 20th century's SMG.

Yeah PDW rounds are kind of like a rifle style round in a handgun size. In the 20th century the USSR actually had a round that was very much a proto-PDW style cartridge; it was a real monster as well. The 7.62x25 Tokarev (Because we needed more ammo that could be called 7.62). It was used in the PPSH-41 and friends as well as the Tokarev pistol.

The Tokarev pistol might look familiar to fans of Sword Art Online.

In the Call of Duty games I like any of the guns with burst fire or single shot. the FAL from Cod4 is a Battle Rifle so that's out, but the FAMAS in Modern Warfare 2 was a fun gun and you got it super early.

I didn't like the Lancer from Gears of War because it felt wimpy due to everything being so spongy in that game.

The F2000 in most games is a lot of fun. Those Belgians now how to make things that look like fish and work by magic. Seriously. The empty casings eject out of the *front* of the gun.

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I've been rocking Windows 7 since the college discount thingy. Windows 8.1 seems fine after fiddling with it on other computers, but I am super happy with 7 for now. Considering that Windows 10 will be free I'll probably upgrade just to enjoy the longer support.

I had 28 days of uptime until some random thing restarted my computer, probably an update. So I can't complain about 7's stability.

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MGS3's first person shooting controls by today's standard would look like a person designed them to be bad on purpose.

Jeff doesn't like games that make him think he's not thinking enough about something that really should not be thought about all the much. He is sort of like Brad in that way, but less confrontational about it.

The most complicated thing that was ever in the Metal Gear Solid series in terms of gameplay was the requirement to stop and then push a button as opposed to moving and pushing a button.

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It is silly how fast your weapon durability drained in Dark Souls 2 on PC, but I never thought it was a bug. I figured it was to balanced weapons with limits on spell charges. Then it turns out to be a bug and then they gave divine casters the nerf of a life time. Something like 30 casts to 6 for spells and reduced their damage. I managed to beat the game without even knowing it was weird to need two weapons to get between bonfires.

So considering the shiftyness with this game and it's old is new E3 2013 graphics for $30 plus the DLC we said this game wouldn't have, I think I'll hold off and spend my dosh on killing some new floors.

"Buy the package and you’ll get the full experience," says Dark Souls 2 producer.

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This would make a great late boss theme.

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Here is your trigger warnings list.

Life Is Strange – Episode 1: American Chrysalis:

Rating: M for Mature

Content Descriptors: Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs

If the sound of any of that scares you, maybe don't play this game.

In the future they may want to add "Use of Clapping, Strong Clapping, Clapping Themes, and Clapping" to their descriptors.

Edit: I'm a slowpoke, sorry everyone who had the same idea.


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I'm not a big fan of starting my own posts, but I haven't seen this yet on the forums yet, so I figured I may as well post it.

As the title says, Battlefield: Hardline will prevent you from playing for twenty four hours if it catches you changing computer hardware more than five times. People testing out how the game performs on different hardware set ups quickly ran into this issue. A notice comes up saying the game has been played on too many computers, but you can lose your oh so lovely privileged of playing what many people already feel is not a great value from just swapping out too many computer parts. I don't know what parts trigger the warning, but it is clear that it is done at least by changing graphics cards and CPUs. Who knows if putting in more RAM or adding a DVD drive will lock you out.

This DRM is not just annoying on that part, but it is also pretty sleazy with how much information it tracks about your Personal Computer. Heck does EA also know what kind of porn I'm into? This definitely feels too invasive for me. As if I need any other reason to pass up this game.

EA also neglected to inform the paying customers of this as well. Which is nice. Their response to this discovery has been more or less "deal with it".

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