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Everyone has rose tinted glasses on when talking about the original Halo, but the soldiers on your side had some terrible AI. They almost never kill anything because they fire the assault rifle in three round bursts, then they do a roll, repeat. For that gun to do anything you have to put a bunch of shots down range, not just three. Then they keep on rollin' even if nothing is shooting at them. Roll roll roll.

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What a shame. I remember a mock up of minecraft on the 3DS and really wanting that, but understanding how unrealistic that would be. A Vita version would be the next best thing for half watching a TV show. The touchscreen would probably go a long way to helping with inventory management. I certainly do not want to play with only touch screen controls like a tablet, though.

Between the bad framerate and my addiction to mods with the PC version, it would be a no go for me. I could tolerate a 30 fps minecraft since it is a fairly laid back game with a few exceptions, but if it stutters that bad, I'm gonna have to pass. Also I don't have a Vita

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Rories and mods are still peoples and they act like it, which is nice. I remember when I let my subscription lapse for about a month because I was addicted to Civ 5 and had no time to watch Giant Bomb stuff and said so in the little comment box, then Rorie replied to me about how he could relate.

They can delete my posts and lock my threads, but I'm going to continue to appreciate them.

Unless they don't like anime. Then they are inhuman monsters.

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There have been several attempts to change the hashtag with the presumption that #gamergate's origin is malicious. #gamergate was started by Adam Baldwin after he had seen a video on the topic of concern. They have been unsuccessful because the GGers don't want to dilute the message by spreading to many different hashtags that all get little use and would likely fall apart. Even if it means carrying a negative image in the mainstream.

Also you may want to look into more neutral articles on gamergate than ones that call gamers "pissbabies" and "shitlords". I recommend Erik Kain from Forbes. He has actually come onto streams and argued with more prominent GG folks.

Here are a few more articles on The Escapist from game developers.

The Escapist has done well in allowing discussion on the matter as long as it remains civil. It was also DDoS'd for it.

I'm doing my best here to be as polite as possible in the hopes I will not get in trouble for discussing such a scary topic. I feel like if only anger from one side is allowed then maybe the entire topic should be blocked from discussion on the sight so we can all go back to having fun with video games.

I am pretty excited to see more of Drew in the MGS world.

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@cornbredx said:

You're clearly not in the minority- unless everyone filling out your poll is a liar.

Also you don't need a console to play games on your couch or bed across from a TV, but I can see why you'd prefer that (what with mouses and keyboards and stuff- sometimes you don't want to deal with all that. I get it).

@christaran: I don't believe you. While resolution and frame rate don't matter to me (as long as they're consistent) there is a very clear difference if a video game uses one or the other.

The only thing I would believe from you at this point is that you've never been shown a comparison natively (meaning not compressed- not a video on youtube). The words you say define you as a person who has never actually seen the difference and that's why you think it doesn't exist.

Film is a terrible comparison to video games. It works differently.

The problem with tests like these is the part where you have no input in these comparisons. In 30Hz you can see your input at 30 Hz (times per second), but at 60 Hz you can see your input at 60Hz.

Part of why films are alright at 24 Hz (far from the only one, also I can see stutter in some scenes) is they are designed for that specification. You can turn faster or slower in a game because you have control. Things happen and you have to react to it; with more information you have a better chance of reacting to it and answering the event you have.

BTW I still feel silly about that thing MB.

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I don't get why people say gameplay is more important than framerate since a higher framerate directly improves the gameplay. Resolution also helps, though a bit less. Being able to see stuff better and more often improves the enjoyment of the game already there. I don't see why framerate is considered a graphics thing. That would be like saying more horsepower in a car is there so it looks prettier.

They should knock down things like shadows and textures before they attack the framerate.

If resolution doesn't matter they why aren't we still playing Playstation and Playstation 2 games at 512x224?

I will take 720/60 over 1080/30, but I like it best when I get both. Before getting the resolution fix for Dark Souls I clearly noticed the game looking very hazy.

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@sravankb: Yes, choice is something consoles sorely lack, although i remember the first Bioshock allowed you to unlock the framerate and widen the FOV, crazy!

I remember that. It was pretty cool. Only problem was if you unlocked the framerate it would tear like crazy. A little tearing doesn't bother me, but boy was it bad.

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Obviously certain cameras can run all day every day if they are designed for it, but I've also heard of cameras like one of the older Sony mirrorless cameras overheating if you took video for something like twenty minutes. That's more of a processor thing, though.

I'd imagine it's not much of a problem, but I'm no expert. Where's Norman Chan when you need him?

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I think they've talked about how premium content is sometimes premium *because* it's off topic. That they are willing to relax their rules when it comes to stuff for premium users since we obviously want more than just quick looks and no ads. Because of this, some of their interests show up on Giant Bomb even if it has little or nothing to do with video games since there are only so many games coming out at once. I like most of the Giant Bomb folks and I like videos with them even if it is not about playing and reviewing games.

I would like some more video game related premium content too, don't get me wrong, but we are getting Demo Derby, Metal Gear Scanlon, and UPF, which is a decent line up. Sadly it sounds like we won't have two of those for next week. I would love another Load our Last Save, Random PC Game, Breaking Brad, or FMVinny, though Vinny content is going to be trickier with only Alex out there.

Having Dan go to a shooting range would be pretty sweet content if they could record it in a safe and entertaining fashion. None of the Giant Bomb staff seems super into guns, though so that might be a no go. Not saying they are anti-gunners, just none of them are as interested in it as Drew is into F1 or Jeff is into Wrestling.