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Can it do H.264 Hi10P? I have...reasons.

What they said. My bluray player can handle 8bit MKV's just fine, but can't do 10bit. Also it's dumb that 10 bit isn't the standard yet. 10bit video massively increases color ranges without increasing file sizes, so you don't get horrible color banding and black crush.

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Unfortunately while playing Wow Brad and Jeff managed to unlearn him each episode as they try to tap into their seven year old knowledge. After all, even the vanilla zone quests have been overhauled. Brad thought items were stuck in bags if you swapped them out, which would mean you could obviously have an infinite amount of storage space since you could carry bags full of bags. Also the items clearly showed up in the new bag.

I really can not wait for the Rorie episode.

Funny enough my dwarf paladin that I made when the Horde didn't have them is on Aerie Peak. Private Weevle is still stuck at level 32 after all these years.

Dan is such a great addition to the team all the same.

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Japan is more into gaming on the go. Handheld games that can be played while on a train will give them more playing time than a home console. Japanese children may not have access to a television all the time either. Most Western houses seem to have like twelve TVs at this point. Since you can play a 3DS or Vita without hogging the one big screen in the house, this must help a lot. PC gaming is also a rare thing in Japan as are digital downloads.

Also Monster Hunter. Holy crap when is Monster Hunter 4G coming out here?

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I'm also not sure that you are being a monster if you identify someone as their sex rather than their gender. Also at some point if we all hug and love each other, we will have to befriend the furry folks on the internet who truly believe they are at least partially an animalistic being. Not trolling here, honestly. If someone can mentally identify as something they physically are not, who are we to identify what is normal and what is strange?

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This is too grossly incandescent for me.

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I have a laptop that has similar specs and cost about that much (less hard drive space, though).

NINE years ago.

No really. It's a nice Dell XPS M140 my sister got at the end of Highschool. She's 26 now. I asked her if I could have it since she was two laptops later. so I taped it back together and it still works for very basic tasks.

That laptop they are selling should be like $200-350 range. QVC always charges crazy amounts for stuff like this since old people that don't know much about technology are their main demographic. Who the heck still buys stuff from a phone they saw on TV? Is a 1-800-Collect commercial coming next?

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World of Warcraft has felt like a money generating machine ever since Cataclysm came out. Everything has been filled down and streamlined to the point that there is no sense of being a character in a world. It feels more and more like a phone game in that you log on and do your x required tasks collect your y loot, then log out. You don't want better gear so you can see new places and be proud of where you have taken your character; you just want new gear because it's new.

I loved all the weird stuff my warlock class could do. I could pick a different pet and have all kinds of new tricks with them and I had to work to get those pets, each harder than the last. I remembered their names because I felt pride when I got them. Rultai, Jhomgorg, Helneth, and Kreemon. Each quest gave flavor to your class and made you care. They eventually took out all of these quests and just gave you the ability to train for them instead, then ultimately just get them for free. You had to pay for pet abilities separately and often times I felt like I barely had enough money to afford my spells, but I made it. You got dumb stuff like Eye of Kilrog and Detect Invisibility, which was almost never used. (mages didn't have invisibility in vanilla and stealth didn't count.) Soulstones and healthstones and summoning. I felt valuable outside of the numbers my spells put out. I cared about my character and the world he was in.

Flash forward a few years and now you just sit in town half AFK watching for the dungeon queue to pop after 15 minutes so you can do the same run for the 20th time since blizzard didn't feel like making any new dungeons.


B-b-but you have a tauren as an icon.

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@corruptedevil: The problem is how choked the Xbox One is for fast RAM. They have 32MBs of it compared to the PS4 with "8"GBs. Microsoft's machine must run a 1080p screen with filters at a fast speed with that little 32 MB's while the competition has bananas for memory. Clever solutions can fix this, though, The Xbox 360 Had a 10MB frame buffer and managed "alright".