My first Game in a Franchise is my favorite 38.9% of the time

I once read an argument made that the first game you play in a series is likely going to be your favorite. So I decided to see if that was true for me. At least from what I can tell for me it isn't. More than half the time so far my favorite game is played second or later. Firsts listed at the top.

updated 8/13/13

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Posted by Hunter5024

You like Dragon Quarter more than Bof III? You madman.

Posted by Slag

@hunter5024: I haven't played BOF 3 (or 4), but I probably would still like V best anyway. 3 and 4 are on my never ending bucket list of games to play.

Dragon Quarter is crazy out there! I appreciate how different it is. What i really like about it is the Dragon Quarter is the stats regression angle in that you have limited resources to beat the game with (draogn meter whatever it was called You could see some light Resident Evil influences there in the design which made it unusual for a JRPG.

Posted by Hunter5024

@slag: Ah, I see. Well I agree Dragon Quarter is certainly good, but I still recommend 3 over it. Definitely try that one when you get the chance.