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Pretty hard to make out, at least on my monitor settings, but yeah, that does look like Ryan.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: Does "in hot water" really sound that bad?
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@GlenTennis: I live in Southern California, but have been in/near Santa Rosa several times. I guess it's not totally unfeasible that we crossed paths at sometime, even if it was wholly pedestrian. Not sure why I would remember your face, but there you go.
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I feel like I know Ben from somewhere. No idea what, but something about him is really familiar.

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@Barrock: Dead Space 1 sold pretty poorly. 2 has been doing good, but not to the point where it can prop EA up alone. If SWTOR fails, the company is going to be in hot water no matter what.
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I want all games to have retractable arm blades.

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@MooseyMcMan said:
Wait, so do you not get a robot pooch if you buy the regular-ass edition? 
No, but the ass edition does come with an exclusive alternate outfit for Miranda.
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"Star Fox 64 3D"
Man, Nintendo's branding is fucking terrible.

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@TooWalrus: Because memories in the AC universe are genetic, offspring have their ancestors' memory, however, they wouldn't have memories past the time the next in line was conceived, because those events had not happened yet. It was never explicitly stated that that is how things work, but it wouldn't make any sense otherwise.
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@warxsnake said:

There is no deffense for Mr Caffeine. The FarCry3 team watching the e3 livestream at work started booing him after a while. Room full of ~200 facepalms.

There you go. Ubisoft employees agree, that man needs to be stabbed. Put him in AC: Revelations!