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The Mako and planet exploration were both flawed, but I liked them. I wish they would have improved those aspects instead of cutting them outright, though I can understand why they did.

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I think the better question is why are games like this niche? It's like people don't like being challenged at all. A lot of people want instant gratification and want things to be easy. Slow-mo quicktime events seem to be the future of the mainstream gaming audience. It's the movie Idiocracy in our very own reality. Games play themselves now a'days. If they don't, it's apparently niche.

There is a big difference between a game that is easy, a game that is challenging, and a game that is punishing. Demon's/Dark Souls aim to be very punishing, and the simple fact is that a lot of people don't find it fun to play really punishing games. I'm not saying I don't want to be challenged at all, but for me personally games like Demon's/Dark Souls overdo it.
Yep. I enjoy a good challenge, and have grown an appreciation for the Souls games because they offer that, but I am turned off by their punishing nature. I'm cool with dying a lot because something is hard, I'm less cool with potentially losing all my souls when I die. You can be difficult without being a jerk about it.
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The whole thing seems absolutely crazy. I feel like there must be something I'm missing because I flat out do not understand how this is allowed to happen.

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Nathan Fillion.

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Out of the four, I've only watched Breaking Bad and The Wire. I like Breaking Bad a lot, but The Wire takes it by a mile.

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Lets-a go!

Love it. Ryan's flat expression with Mario's enthusiastic pose is amazing.
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I made my Shepard look like Niko Bellic and he looked fine in ME1 & 2, but when I imported into 3 the new system made him look like a malnourished retarded monkey, so I switched to default Shepard.

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It's shitty they have to do this. Regardless of what people think about the ending, it was the ending they decided to create for their franchise. As someone who wants as much artistic and creative freedom as possible, I'm all for them making the ending to their creative work however they want. But they have been strong-armed by fans to change their creation and I find that to be as bad as if they had to change something due to censorship concerns.

I agree, but I have to wonder if the current ending is what they really wanted, or if they had to make significant compromises due to time/budget pressure, or something else in that vein.
Granted, given unlimited time, no creator will ever be fully satisfied with their work, but I get a strong impression that something went wrong in ME3's development that forced Bioware to diverge greatly from the ending they wanted to make.
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Am I really the first person here to say Special Agent Francis York Morgan?
I thought I knew you, Giant Bomb.

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As I've said before, with so many actively demanding to be sold more Mass Effect, it would be foolish of Bioware to not take advantage of the opportunity and sell more Mass Effect.