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I have had a problem with with losing my blood echoes. I notice it mostly in boss areas (more specifically the blood starved beast). After dying to him 5 or 6 times I decided to call it a night. Every time I had died during battle I was able retrieve my blood echoes (which was only like 10-12k, but at my low level thats quite a bit!) but when I went back the next morning they were gone! I was not able to find them anywhere. This is just one example of this happening to me. But it always seems to occur when I exit a session and come back to it later. So my question is, do you have to retrieve your blood echoes before exiting the game? If this is the case, that's kind of bullshit considering that means you would always have to beat a boss during that first initial session. I tried just putting my ps4 in rest mode but every time I come back from that I get an error message saying that I've lost connection to the server and it kicks me back to the main menu, which pretty much defeats the purpose of rest mode. Any advice/help? Anybody else having this issue? And while we're on the subject, any tips for beating the blood starved beast? He seems easy at first as he seems somewhat weak, but his poison is vicious!!


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@spunkyhepanda: I'm hoping the begining of breaking bad isn't the end of Sauls story as far as this show goes. Given that intro sequence, maybe eventually they'll skip past the BB time line and give us some insight as too Sauls life on the run. I'm assuming they're going somewhere with that. There is always purpose to every Vince Gilligan scene.

Overall I thought it was a good start. There were a couple of scenes where I questioned if Bob Odenkirk could carry a series as a man character, but so far I thought he did pretty great and I'll give him the benefit of doubt until I see more. It's not really fair to compare it to breaking bad, but there is so many similarities that it's hard not too. I'm just excited to explore this universe more, BB is one of the all time great television dramas.

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Every year I play split screen COD with my lady. It's the one FPS that we keep coming back to because of that. I wish more games would offer it!

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Psn: T11slantedroom

Let's kill some shit and loot some shit yo!

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That just means she has to drive, which means you can drink. Win

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Hey y'all I'm playing through Transistor and I came

to the area in the high rise where you run into Red's apartment. I noticed that the door said it was her apartment but I went down a different path that kept me climbing up the high rise. I tried to go back down to explore her apartment but I was now locked out of that area. I've noticed that in some places when you progress they allow for very little back tracking, so my question is.. Whats in her apartment?!? I figured there might be some good story nuggets hidden in there. Did I miss out on anything awesome? Would love to heat if anyone had gotten to that point. Thanks!

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So GB is my go to website for all things gaming and sometimes just for general entertainment, but I haven't been able to follow it as closely as I'd like in recent months due to the fact that I've been working a shitload more then I use too and I just don't have as much free time as I use too. Anyways, I was listening to the podcast recently and heard some Brit on there that I didn't recognize. (Excuse my ignorance if dude happens to be from some other obscure European country. I can't tell a Brit from a Irishman from a Polack). They didn't introduce him as "the new guy" or anything so I figured maybe he's just a guest. But then I noticed he also (at least I think it's the same dude) showed up on the Sunset Overdrive video! So what gives, who is this cat? I saw that they were looking to hire, is this a new hire? Was there some sort of formal introduction that I missed?

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My biggest complaint is the lack of fluidity in the world compared to Dark Souls 1. It's kinda annoying how there's bonfires at the end of levels that lead nowhere. For example, the 3rd bonfire in forest of fallen giants.. What's the point of it? It literally goes nowhere. It just dead ends. I wish it was overall a more open world like DS1. I also wish that you could level at any bonfire, although I dig the throwback to demons souls in that sense so that doesn't bother me as much, but it would be a little more convient if you would just level up anywhere. Besides that none if the changes really bother me so far. I'm only just past The Last Bastille, at the sinners something or other, so I'm not that far in, but I don't mind that enemies stop respawning or any of those changes cuz I dig the compromise they made for that (way lower leveling requirments). I think overall the UI is a big improvement but one little bone to pick with that is that I wish it showed you how much overall damage you would do with a weapon when looking at its stats instead of having to scroll over to the "player stats" screen to see it. Not a huge deal but it'd be nice if they just showed you 1 number that took your base damage, str and dex scaling, and any fire/lightening damage all into account and gave you an overall all damage number you could easily compare to other weapons. These are all just nit picks, overall I'm loving the game. This series in general is an all time favorite of mine. Can't wait to dig deeper into it in the coming weeks!