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I have three that I actively use.

Mainly stick with this one though.

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I taught myself to cook a number of dishes while in the process of teaching myself to eat better.

Various fish and chicken dishes, mostly.

Eating healthy and one the cheap. It's a good thing.

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Their videos are always entertaining.

Resident Evil 4 and Deadly Premonition are my personal favorites.

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For those interested in the dlc, going with the premium edition might still be the better deal.


Seems the PC version didn't follow the price drop that can be found for the console versions.

With the dlc, both would come out to about the same price.

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I know Warfighter wasn't quite game of the year with a lot of people talking rather negatively about it. That said, I have a lot of fun with the multiplayer, putting in a fair number of hours with my friend on the weekend.

With that, I was hoping to find a few extra people to play with. Maybe get a few games going here and there during weekdays. If anyone still actively plays the game and wants to get a few games going, just send me a message over live. Gamertag is the same as my name here.

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I vote for xbox.

Does it have a large list of first-party exclusives? No. But I do feel it has the best list of console exclusives, along with some excellent first-party titles, though few in number. Metro 2033, the original Condemned, Divinity 2, Witcher 2, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Forza series and Alan Wake. Some of my favorite games of this generation and ones that I put a very large amount of time into. Not to mention it has a large number of great XBLA titles.

Really, the only reason to not own an xbox, in my opinion, is that you already own a decent gaming rig. As for the Vita, I am interested in getting one myself. It, however, wouldn't be smart to get one at this time. There aren't many games, and the best game on offer at the moment is simply a ps2 port. Wait on that. Same with the Wii U. Wait until there are games available.

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I rarely bother with dlc, myself.

That said, I enjoyed pretty much everything that New Vegas had to offer.


Would anyone recommend the dlc for Ensalved? Picked that one up a few months ago and loved it, though I am wary about dropping the cash on the dlc. People seemed to enjoy it well enough, but some personal opinions here would be appreciated.

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The only reason I preorder games is because the store I work at gives a ten dollar credit for any game I preorder. That, along with the store discount I recieve, brings the price of any new game I get down quite a bit.

So, that said, I am pretty much going to be preordering any game I plan on buying in the coming months, considering I still work there - Dead Space, Metro, Bioshock . . . the list goes on.

Most looking forward to Metro: Last Light and Infinite. Hoping Metro offers a cool collector's edition at some point. Would definitely fork out the extra cash for some decent goodies.

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Rock Paper Shotgun is to PC gamers what N4G is to Playstation players.

You quickly learn to just enter, read the articles and get out.

Spend as little time possible actually viewing what the others think. It rarely amounts to anything more than self-wanking or ridicule towards anyone else with a separate opinion.

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The only big release that actually pleasantly surprised me was Borderlands 2. It seems they fixed and improved almost everything that needed, and it was just that much more enjoyable that the original was.

With Dishonored, while I really enjoyed it, the game did not suck me in like I was hoping for. The game, from a mechanical standpoint, is fantastic. It plays well, I just don't find it engrossing. There's just something about it that keeps it from clicking for me.

Didn't much take to Halo 4's campaign, though I seem to be in the minority with that one.

Funnily enough, two games that shared rather negative reception - Risen 2 and Silent Hill: Downpour - were two of my three (along with Witcher 2 on 360) favorite games released this year.

Eagerly awaiting Far Cry 3. Hoping it holds up to the positive buzz it is getting at the moment.