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The spoiler tags are super confusing in this thread. I don't know what's show spoiler and what's book spoiler.

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@slashdance: wow you are so quick! Man, I really hope this level of awesome will happen next year, I going to try to go! It will be the first time I traveled anywhere.

I should have mentioned, it's from the Gaf thread.

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(source: gaf)

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Quantic Dream's games are always conceptually interesting, and Beyond is no exception so I enjoyed my time with it. The story is what it is, I think Cage's writing got a little bit better since Heavy Rain (by that I mean it's not filled with plot holes), and the acting got a lot better, but it's still overly melodramatic and downright cringey at times. Most if not all of the emotional moments felt completely unearned. Still, actually playing the game was enjoyable. Also, it looks incredible. That helps.

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PC when I'm alone, console when friends are over.

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Borderlands 2's humor was hit or miss, and overall pretty fucking stupid, but a kind of stupid I can get behind. That wrestling themed dlc was one of the funniest things I've played since the Sam & Max games.

On topic, I find it amusing that they justify the absence of current gen versions by saying the install base is too small, just as they're about to launch BL2 on the Vita. But hey, I'm happy as long as there's a PC version.

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No, I'm not a psychopath!

I mean, it sounds great on paper but it can get really boring, maddening even. Complete game immersion requires losing a part of your humanity, IMO. It's just unrealistic to get that immersed.

Not to mention that I'm no longer a lonely unemployed fat teenager full of angst. Ages 13-18 are the golden years of spending 700 hours a day just sitting and pressing W on the keyboard. Those days are gone!

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I had no idea that guy from the trailer was Daario. I didn't like the actor last season but at least he looked somewhat exotic, instead of being yet another guy with a beard. A bit soon to judge but it's weird.

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I never use quest markers or fast travel, and after 2 years of playing the game I still haven't touched 3 of the major quest lines. So yeah, It takes a lot of patience, but as someone who generally finishes games in a few days, I really appreciate having one that seems to never end.

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MGS2 continues to be the most misunderstood and underrated game ever made.