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I disagree with Alex. The storytelling and the tone of the trailer are precisely what makes it so disgusting.

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Shut down twitter already...

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Now this is a great first impression:

Too bad they had to put that crappy AMD logo right after that. On PC at least.

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Now everyone gets to play Vib Ribbon for 10 minutes and go "okay, enough of that."

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@loomies said:

Ugh kojima is going to mess up this game. Phil is right'

You can't mess up a franchise that has been dead for more than 10 years.

If your expectation for a new Silent Hill game is "it needs to be as good as one of the greatest games ever made (SH2)", then you're obviously going to be disappointed.

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Do I need to watch every cutscene and read every line of dialog if I do a speedrun, too? I mean you're skipping part of the "intended experience" if you don't so it can't be a real speedrun...

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Wait... so it's Faith glamoured to look like Nerissa? I thought it was the opposite. Like Faith was already dead before the start of episode 1 and Nerissa was just trying to get Bigby involved or something? I don't know... as you said, keeping up with every little detail was kinda hard with all that downtime.

I really liked the series but I still feel like the first episode is the best one, and I don't like that Telltale is making super short episodes now...

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I don't know... I thought we already established a while ago that video game adaptations always suck when they try to recreate specific movies. Isolation seems interesting specifically because it's not doing that. That DLC sounds fucking terrible to me. Bringing back the original cast 35 years later seems like an even worse idea. They'll end sounding old and disinterested... Frankly I'm more annoyed by the fact that people seem to care about this blatant fan service than the fact that it exists at all.

Also, don't be crazy, that thing will not stay exclusive to pre-orders for long...

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I'll eat mayo with a nice tomato salad, hardboiled eggs or cold meet.

Anybody who mixes mayo with hot food is a fucking animal, but I have to say mayo with japanese fast food somehow trumps everything else. Disgusting. You friend should be arrested for his crimes.