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If this was about men disliking women that advocate greater social awareness in games than why donate to a charity specifically designed to help woman and advocate greater social awareness in games?

It's basically a PR move. "Look, we donate to charity, we're obviously not bad people!"

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I think a lot of "anti-GG" have handled this whole thing in the worst possible way, and they have a huge responsibility for making this blow up this much. I wish the response to these lunatics had been this level-headed and intelligent from the start. Hopefully we can put this behind us soon.

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I disagree with Alex. The storytelling and the tone of the trailer are precisely what makes it so disgusting.

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Shut down twitter already...

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Now this is a great first impression:

Too bad they had to put that crappy AMD logo right after that. On PC at least.

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Now everyone gets to play Vib Ribbon for 10 minutes and go "okay, enough of that."

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@loomies said:

Ugh kojima is going to mess up this game. Phil is right'

You can't mess up a franchise that has been dead for more than 10 years.

If your expectation for a new Silent Hill game is "it needs to be as good as one of the greatest games ever made (SH2)", then you're obviously going to be disappointed.

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Do I need to watch every cutscene and read every line of dialog if I do a speedrun, too? I mean you're skipping part of the "intended experience" if you don't so it can't be a real speedrun...

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Wait... so it's Faith glamoured to look like Nerissa? I thought it was the opposite. Like Faith was already dead before the start of episode 1 and Nerissa was just trying to get Bigby involved or something? I don't know... as you said, keeping up with every little detail was kinda hard with all that downtime.

I really liked the series but I still feel like the first episode is the best one, and I don't like that Telltale is making super short episodes now...