On control

First of all: This blog post WILL go into specifics about the ending of Dear Esther. If you have not played it: turn back, play it and get back here.

There has been alot of talk about the ending of Dear Esther and I as a perhaps more than moderately cultured individual, I thought that adding my two cents would be a good idea.

The most interesting point about the ending is not the typical "but what did it mean?" question, for me it´s the loss of control at the last moment.

Allthough the game is almost comepletely linear, you still have a choice of pace and course throughout. You can go where you will, when you will. You are however strongly encouraged to follow to path.

But at the last second this ability is taken away from you, and the character acts on his own in final fatal momentes of the game. Many do not like this, but I think this design choice is entierly justified.

Dear Esther is a game about accepting loss and letting go. The protaganist must come to terms with his own and others´ lack of control, in order to get off the island, and this enforced by taking control away from the player at the last moment.

I you were controlling the protagonist up to the very last moment would not necessarily ruin this point. But it would be harder to get to since most players would end wound up in decifering the meaning of specific story points instead of the overarching theme.

This is of course my own analysis, but I think it is a valid one.


A holiday of negative balance.

There are just way to many games out and to few ciffers on my bank account.
I have just finished Far Cry 2, and I´m a good amount of hours into the PS3 version of Bioshock and that is my nuber one right now.
But I just can´t afford all these damn games.
I was plannig to buy a 360 and i guess I will come around to that sooner or later. 
The List:
1-Bioshock for PS3
2-Fallout 3 for PS3
3-Deadspace for PS3
4-Left 4 Dead for 360
5-Mirrors Edge for PS3
6-Gears of War 2 for 360
7-Resistance 2 for PS3
8-World at War for PS3
9-Guitar Hero World Tour for PS3 (Rock Band 2 is not out in Europe yet)
10-Some game I forgot about...


Warning large amounts of progressive metal!

Turn Back!
This blog is dedicated to the progressive metal band Dream Theater. And not in spirit!
This post is entierly devoted to Dream Theater, and their various apperances in rythmgames.
Yesterday marked their first apperance in a videogame, when the track "Constant Motion" was released as DLC for Rock Band.
My internet, amount of IPs and router are zarked so I have jet to expirience Online play. Anyway.
The track is awesome and one pf the hardest tracks released for Rock Band, in terms of guitar game play.
If one should descripe the chart for the solo, one could say something like this:
Imagine the hardest parts of Jordan by Buckethead, those are in there.
Now stick that machinegun part of One by Metallica on the end and you got constant motion.
John Petrucci must have killed a couple of plastic controllers yesterday.
But there is more to come!
DReam Theater will be in Rock Band 2 as well. And Rock Revolution. A Guitar Hero Worldtour apperance is rumored as well, but GH:W is banned from this blog ever since they included "Low" in the soundtrack. (Bunch of mainstream Emo and Rap loving idiots)
The track for RB2 will be Panic Attack, from the very awesome album Octavarium, which is  great track, and the solo has a little more restrain .
The track for Rock Revolution is Pull Me Under. Which became a moderate radiohit (Dream Theate´s coplication album is (un)officialy called "Pull Me Under And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs")
This track is not good, it is not great, it is awesome. This track migth be the reason i buy RR. (if I buy it that is)
But what I really want to do in this blog is to put some ideas out there. (And get you to buy some goddamn Dream Theater)
The currenct ammount of Dream Theater is appaling.
There should be way more tracks avalible from this awesome band. I like to remind you dear reader that we had an entire album be The Cars, ( no offence to any kind of petrol based transportation) and ONE song by Dream Theater.
I have couple of suggestions for DLC song from this awesome band, but I will air those out after arguing for the release of this.
Dream Theater is one of the bands with the most skilled musicians. Any Dream Theater song will  belong in the top tiers as far as Guitar, Drums and Bass goes.
And not in the same way that a Metallica song does.
The problem with many bands is that you can´t hear anything but the guitar and the vocals. ( I believe that the Metallica bassist is comepletely useless and inaudible)
Dream Theater (along with Rush) doesn´t have this problem, you can hear the shit your playing, even if it is the bassline.
The inclusion of Dream Theater could also pave the way for more long tracks in rmusic games.
I was well beyond stocked, when I heard about the live Who tracks coming for RB. But the live version of My Genration was ass raped into a third of the original length, (from 15 to 5 minutes) not as bad as a Travis Barker "remixes", but it is up there.
If we could have a 10 minute Dream Theater song it would be great. If we could have a 24 minute track it would be a bit to much for some, but not for me .(Trapped inside this Octavarium!)
We need more tracks for the hardcore music lover who has the paitience for the long songs.
Admit it you liked Foreplay / Longtime and Greengrass from RB and you want more, more song and more minutes.
In short:
Give us some damn Dream Theater guys!
Which track should they give us?
I have a selection ready (all DLC for Rock Band (2))  and her it is:

Single tracks:
Pull Me Under from Images and Words
Metropolis Part 1 from Images and Words
Home from Scenes From a Memory
Octavarium from Octavarium
In The Presence of Enemies from Systematic Chaos
The Ministry Of Lost Souls from Systematic Chaos

Full album:
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

This is Now a very epic blog post, so I will cut it off here. More tracks might be added so hang thight.
And as the end:
Big shout out to Pelle for introducing me to Dream Theater


My wheels in constant motion


Summer time is over!

Rigth now it is sunday at 8:25 post something with m.
Tomorrow is the day where (high)school starts again.
The six carefree weeks (not counting various meetings and simulations while in the US.) are over.
But it has been six awesome weeks.
From my week in Brussels and Paris, to one week with nothing but work, to the way to awesome GYLC and finally two weeks of Rock Band bliss. It has been a good one this year.
Except i lost my pen...
But more about that later.



Blog introduction

My blog is all over the place at the moment, so i think it is fiting that i make a  statement on the general concept of my blog.
This blog is not for everyone. To be more specigic: this blog is for me, because I think i like to write on a blog.
The funny thing is that I don´t care if anyone read this, I just wan´t to write the stuff and get it out there, you know take up some bandwith.
The topic of this blog will therefore be very random for any unknowing reader. (so far no one has read this blog so i´m writing to the empty space, and i´m loving it.)
But as I said I don´t care.
This is my blog, there will be stuff on games, but there will also be stuff on fishtacos, peers, my school and giant cinnamon rolls.
This is not for you (or You) it is for me.
But you´re welcome anyway.



Is Norman Mailer better than Rock Band?

He should be because i did not play Rock Band at all yesterday, which means i can write about something else for a change.
I was sat in a park yesterday, outdoors, for two hours, in the sun, reading.
What was i reading?
Armies of the Night by Norman Mailer, and it was awesome.
The probelm is that my pale nerdy arms got this vile redish tan, which can never be good. (family track record and all)
But still awesome reading in the sun.
Beside i can´t sing for shit in Rock Band....


Rockband drums = awesome

I think I will write a mor in depth review when Im done with the drum career and when I have tried singing, but so far: five stars.
I un packed the drums today created a John Bonham mimic (Virtual Bonzo) and started out on easy since i heard drums was super hard.
It takes some time to learn but zark it is fun, and i have only played on easy.
But I must say that the game threw a lot more notes in that i expected from this difficulty.
But since it is not by far unplayable this is not a bad move.
For kicks i tried Tom Sawyer by Rush in practicemode on expert, and i got a wooping 60%, and about 1000 wrong hits.  Lots of fun.
If you find yourself at Times Square in the next days, find tghe Virgin Megastore and get your Rockband on!


The blog starts...

I would like to welcome anyone to my not so fancy blog. I hope i can make it more interesting someday, but here is a start:
I have played Rockband.
Big deal it came out november last year, and everyone has played it already.
Unless you do not live in the US i might ad.
I live in a small european country called Denmark, (We eat stuff similar to Jungle Vrål but not the same stuff)
where Rockband has release in september, and it will cost around $ 400-500.
But i was in New York last week, and i bought Rockband for ps3, an extra guitar and a dufflebag to carry it all in.
It came around to $ 310.
The problem was that i brought this wonder at a Virgin Megastore, in Times Square....
Which meant that I, and a truly awesome helper, had to navigate the slow walking crowd of the most advertised square in the world, while carring Rockband.
It went succesful and i have just finished the solo guitar tour, the drums remains unpacked but they will be used tomorow.
More on Rockband then