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just don't post a thread asking if a girls ass if fat or not

Why not? Seriously, why not?

It's a rude, asshole thing to do.

Why would it be rude? Don't tell me you don't judge asses when you see them. Everyone does that, but most are probably too prude to say what they think.

I am right now.

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@NekuSakuraba: From the PSU itself, only one power connector is needed for the HDD/CD/etc. It could either be a molex power connector, or a SATA power connector depending on what the device takes. Some of them have both sockets available, but you only need to use one.
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Also there are some wires that plug into the motherboard for the PSU, they look like the GPU connecters, what are they for? >_>

Those are the 4-pin (or 8-pin depending on your motherboard) CPU power connectors.
If you look closely, you'll see that they're nothing alike and they're pretty hard to mistake for one another. PCI-E connectors are 6-pin, the ones you're talking about are not. There is also the fact that they're made in such a way that they can only fit into a compatible socket, so you'll never be able to plug one where it shouldn't be.
Perhaps take some time to familiarize yourself with them. They'll be much easier to work with once you know where each goes, what it does, etc.
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@NekuSakuraba: Would this cable you have already be the one you used for the first power plug? You said you already had one PCI-E connector plugged in.
Anyway, just look at your PSU and find 2 free molex connector for the second one. Shouldn't be hard to do.
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@SlasherMan @BrickRoad Well, i've only been using one of the 6 pin connecters! How do I get/connect another?

If your PSU doesn't have another one, you could use an a molex to PCI-E adapter. Many graphics cards ship with one of those packaged, so see if you have one around somewhere in the box. If not, you could purchase one. They're fairly cheap.
All this of course assuming that your PSU is indeed enough to run it. You didn't mention anything specific about it like brand or specs. But even if it ends up being underpowered for the card, it would be a better idea to actually make sure that it is instead of making assumptions. So, get a cable like the one in the picture below and see if the card works.
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Does GFWL really matter on single player games? I mean I don't appreciate having to deal with it at all, but as long as the game doesn't have a multiplayer component, I find it entirely irrelevant.
Hello! Achievements?
Don't care for 'em personally.
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That's a tough question to answer since usually there has to be more than one person involved in both the process and the decision.
But right now and anytime soon, no.

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Does GFWL really matter on single player games? I mean I don't appreciate having to deal with it at all, but as long as the game doesn't have a multiplayer component, I find it entirely irrelevant.

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Make sure you have both PCI-E connectors plugged in, otherwise it won't be getting enough power.
400W should be enough depending on the brand of the PSU. A 400-450W Corsair PSU for example would have close to 36A on the +12v rail, which is more than enough for this card. It's not just the wattage.

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Yeah, so I will never put my PC in the living room. Ever. The gamepad is really only for a few games. The PC is really more for PC games like strategy.... So dishing out the money for a brand 360 controller is not an option.

My ideal solution would be to get my Logitech Chillstream controller to work. It does act as a controller. Just not in 360 mode, and for example Bastion requires this. This is wired, and would solve the problem with turning on the PS3. I mean you can get PC gamepads for 1/3 of the price of a 360 controller. I fiddled around with a driver to map the controls, but this is not enough apparently.

X360 Controller Emulator is what you need then.
Give it a shot.