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this doesn't seem egregious.

aren't they essentially just selling in-game items? i mean- it's a little weird that access to these items is simultaneously being paid for (in other words, you're potentially buying digital goods sight-unseen)

Yup, this is essentially a pack you could buy in the game. So they are just making you buy it up front and also giving you access to the game. I don't really see a problem with it. I mean, it is by no means my favorite way of granting Beta access, but it does not seem particularly dirty.

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This is one of the games that makes me regret trading in my PS3, and an unopened copy of this game...

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I don't think I'd invite my friends over to see my sex desk, but to each their own.

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If the transfer is there, I'm in. They should give you a coupon or something to get 100 dollars back if you trade in your 3ds in the next 2 weeks or something. Then they wouldn't have to be in charge of the transfer and would probably cause quite a few people to not take advantage of that.

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In game name is Slax21, and I'd love an invite to the alliance.

I'll add you guys to my friends list when I get on tonight.

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Man this thread is confusing....

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@rapid: Thanks man, figured as much but it was worth trying. I'll definitely join up on a second clan if it gets started.

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This list isn't too surprising. I really like Shadow of Mordor, so this list is fine by me.

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@mb: Yeah, that's what I'm running into right now. Finished the stretch of tutorial missions, and now am sort of lost on what I should be doing now.

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Missed it live but watched the VOD this morning. It was amazing. I think you should definitely keep going for that WR.