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@hamst3r: Flash Gordon. I respect you so much.

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Not that it matters, but as a good guy, can't you only play pass cards? (rules wise)

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@aegon: Wait, wasn't that Brett?

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@bigjeffrey: Oh man, this was the best! Calls him Brett on multiple occasions which really sells it.

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That's super cool. I'd like a chance at a key!

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Sleeping Dogs is so good. I need to play through it again. (disclaimer: I also really like Hong Kong styled crime media though). DmC is also super good.

Too be fair, those are the only ones on this list I've played, but they are both fine games.

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@mb: That's exactly how I feel. I really like this game. I think it does a lot of stuff right. Now it's forcing me to learn how to actually play a city builder/management game.

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@jjweatherman: Yeah, I've definitely watched some of his videos. The reason I'm sort of going through them all is to figure out what weapon I like. I didn't have a weapon that just jumped out at me right away. So, I figured I'd go through all these and find out what I liked. The Insect Glaive has definitely been one of my favorites so far.

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This is my first MH game. I'm still going through all the weapons quests, and although there definitely is some getting used to the way the game handles combat and animation priority, I'm finding that I'm getting excited to go out on a real hunt.

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This is my first Monster Hunter, but I'd absolutely love to play with some people here, possibly show me some of the ropes. I was able to track down a N3ds today, so once I get my NNID transferred over i'll be ready to go. Can I get an add to the PM?