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@mb: Where do I get one of those?!

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Saw this for the first time. I really like it! Especially that transition, the bomb moving and the wick wobble (tm?) both really struck me. Good work!

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Welp, if local game stores do a trade in, I'd probably be in for that. Looks sleek.

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If I play Destiny, I think it will be with the PS4. I am still trying to figure out if I'm going to get a PS4. I think I will preorder the white one, but not much time left. Sort of waiting on my co-op friend to see what he is doing.

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I'm @Slax21. I want to talk more videogames on there, but right now it is mostly seattle sports and dumb stuff...

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Having tried to get through MGS recently for the first time and finding the controls extremely hard to adapt to, and the game itself feeling super dated, I'm excited to see what Drew thinks jumping in for the first time.

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I'll be wait-listed!

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@jayzilla: Are they planning on adding more trials? It's not a great way to learn everything about a character, but it surely does help early on.

@jjor64: I joined it!

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@ajamafalous: Wow! I think I sold a dota courier for 18 once as my second highest sale.

@beachthunder: That is a ridiculous amount of money for fake cards. Amazing!

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@rorie: Awesome, good to know.