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@xceagle: The disgaea games seems super complicated. Confirm or deny? Lot's of information up front that sort of scared me away.

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That campaign fix for unlocking Titans is huge. I know they wanted to encourage people to play the campaign for their story, but locking something like that behind it always seemed like a poor choice. Especially when getting a campaign game together could take 30 minutes.

Lot's of other stuff in here seems pretty cool too, glad they are still working on it.

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Seems like it us up again. Just some break music, but at least I can see it on the app.

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Yeah, I had the same issue. The stream was up on the app for a while, then it disappeared.

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Sleeping Dogs was a huge surprise for me when I played it. So good!

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Edmonds, WA

Seems like there is a bigger Washington contingent than I expected.

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I've been looking to get mine framed. Didn't feel like paying 300 bucks for custom framing. What did you guys do? What do I do? So many questions!

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My plan was to wait out E3, just in case anything console related was announced. Is this going to derail that plan?

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It's dumb and hokey, but I enjoyed it.