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Step 1) Ask her what she wants from you?

Step 2) Say "No".

Step 3) Walk away

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It sounds like you have been delegated to the role of back-up boyfriend. You guys dated, she liked how it felt to have someone care about her, but no longer wants to be romantically involved with you. So instead she'll be all clingy until she moves on to another guy, in the meantime she can keep you around knowing full well how you feel about her.

Don't let her do this to you.

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Probably a Lady Monk to start out. I'm surprised that Witch Doctor is hanging on in this poll, I had very little fun with it in the beta. Maybe I'll have to give it another try.

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I'm still trying to get myself through the campaign. I've been playing multiplayer off and on though.

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I've gone back, deleted my first and only blog, which was essentially my first post. Never been motivated to write one again.

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Sure on occassion. I also don't really like wine or beer though and end up being a rather "girly" drinker. But rum and coke is probably my go to.

I also haven't been drunk, nor will I ever get a hangover, yeah chronic headaches!

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I have also been wanting to get more into the 40k universe, although mine is mostly due to playing a lot of Dawn of War 2.

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It's like a facepalm within a facepalm. Facepalmception!

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The beginning of UP is just so damn sad, for no good reason...NO GOOD REASON I TELL YOU!