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Well I haven't decided yet, but I was making my decision purely based off of the interaction I had with them at the beginning of the game. So Stormcloaks didn't try to kill me.

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I see what you are saying, but if I wanted all vendors to have more money I could get my speech up and one of the perks in that tree gives more money to all vendors. So I wouldn't want a mode that made parts of the progression useless. I do however agree with you that at some point late in my play through, turning on some sort of quest giver icon would be great.

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I am going back and listening to all of the podcasts starting from the beginning and thoroughly enjoying that segment. But I figure if they wanted to keep drinking weird energy drinks, they still would be.

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@Superfriend said:

Get the ebony mail from one of the daedric quests.. it is a pretty good armor for your heavy stealth dude.

Everything you want seems possible, you´ll just need some enchantments to make your mana regen a little faster, like 200%+ or else you will have to dump all of your points into magic.

Once you get sneak up to 100 you can basically disappear in a room full of enemies. Using Magic is a sure way to draw attention though.. unless you download some wussy "stealth magic" mod like Dave did for Oblivion.

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@Superfriend: Or use the perk that makes magic silent. That one is pretty good too.

It's in the Illusion tree - Silent Casting. Essential for a stealth magic user!

Exactly, I got my Illusion up to 50 just to use that perk. Just spammed Muffle or whatever that spell is called.

Now I can conjure up my swords right behind my victim and they will never know it's coming.

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@Superfriend: Or use the perk that makes magic silent. That one is pretty good too.

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Entertainment 720

Or e720 if you want to be hip.

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Just don't let her pull you back in.

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so whose taking bets on what the next patch will fuck up? I want to put money on flying giants.

If those fought flying backwards dragons, then this would be my GOTY guaranteed. The only thing that could make it better is if one of them used lasers...

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But also, are you sure you want to start down this path?

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@FreakAche: Blue Dragon?