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I have had way more fun playing Dark Souls than Spelunky.

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@deranged said:

Mirror's Edge had fantastic ideas but the execution fumbled around too much. BioShock had fantastic gameplay, an incredibly unique setting, an incredible cast of characters. It's just an unfair match up.

This is exactly how I feel.

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Nice blog!

I too have been enjoying the comfort of Pokemon's embrace. I'm curious though, as someone who has been interested in Ace Attorney but never jumped in, where and how do I start? From what I have found, a lot of the old games are pretty expensive, any tips?

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I think that there is also a shift in the consumers who are buying it. For instance, we might be able to assume most of the people buying it on day one are people already excited for the game. This then, makes it unsurprising that the initial reaction is positive. As time passes and prices drop it, and word gets around, others may begin playing it, and that is where we might see a backlash to the positive initial reaction.

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This is gonna be dumb. I'm probably gonna watch it.

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Well that was a fun game! Go 'Hawks.

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System: ALL (PS3/Vita/PC

PSN: Glgotha

Steam Username: Slax21

Region: US West Coast

Vita is having some issues, so I'm gonna start doing more PC.

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Here are a few more:

Make good eye contact

Make sure you are smiling

Dress a level above what you are expected to where at work (ie if it is a slacks and polo dress code where slacks and a button down, maybe even a tie if that's your thing)

Have good questions to ask at the end of the interview (this might mean doing some research on the company before hand, and listening intently whenever they give information to you)

Good luck duder!

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It's not dead. There are plenty of people playing, but evidently there are some issues being had with people's home network (ie your Vita or PS3 through your router or something). There is talk about it on twitter, but I think they are looking into it.