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There is a bar called JM Curley's that is suppose to be pretty cool. I think I am going to check it out on Thursday Night.

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Woops got a little overzealous with my clicking. Anyway I am doing this Dirty Donkey Kong thing on Friday I think, But I wanted to know what everyone else's plans are and if anyone wanted to meet up at a bar?

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Does anyone have any cool plans for hanging out after PAX/ know any cool bars? I bought a ticket for this Dirty Donkey Kong thing

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All 3 days and half of Thursday/Monday.

Name is Jamie

I would like to think we are friends.

I am one of those bad life decision's like starting to play DOTA, so yes we should be friends :)

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I have had some time to play this and I wish I could play only arena but I am actually having a lot of fun. What do you guys think?

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If Guybrush Threepwood "Mighty Pirate" is in this game I am sold. If he is not.... I am still sold.

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In terms of quality? That may be more up for debate.

Does anyone else feel like Alex is overly mean to everything he review's/reports on.

Anyway he is right about the $500 price point that is painful.

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This is very sad. There was a recent Stuff You Should Know podcast about police chases and how many unnecessary deaths come from them.

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@turbyne: I have been playing this game alot yesterday with my friends. I am actually really enjoying it.

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Unwilling to tolerate new players? That sounds like a great way to kill a community surrounding a game. Every game needs new blood.

It's really not, though, and is one of the common misconceptions about the game. When you first start out, matchmaking only matches you up with people who have as many wins as you (i.e. in your first games you're going to be playing with people who have <10 wins). You aren't going to be playing with dudes who have a thousand hours under their belt when you first start your Dota career. You're playing with guys who are just as new as you are in no way 'veterans.' It's just the same as getting on XBL and being yelled at by a 12 year old over a headset on Battlefield. Everybody knows to just ignore that kid because he's an idiot, so why do people who are new to Dota not do the same thing?

Do you think this is due to the fact that Dota 2 is free to play? Seems like that always brings in a special flavor of rotten human beings.

Nope they where just as big of assholes back when it was a WC3 mod.

Also I don't want to scare anyone away but I like dota, I don't have the time or coordination to be good at it (I will play for a couple months get board and come back in a year). But people there are still a lot of match making games (I.E. over 50% is being generous) which I don't have a full group where I am yelled at and called a noob and told how to play by people who are way worse than me.