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I would love to be in a speed league. But it looks like there may not be enough interest :(

Do you think there is somewhere we could post this that would get more traffic so people would actually see it?

If not blood bowl 2 is coming out later this year so maybe we could again after it comes out?

Also quick note, if we do start a league I definitely want it to be speed. Seems way more fun and normal games against humans take FOREVER (which is why I never play this game online).

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There is a bar called JM Curley's that is suppose to be pretty cool. I think I am going to check it out on Thursday Night.

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Woops got a little overzealous with my clicking. Anyway I am doing this Dirty Donkey Kong thing on Friday I think, But I wanted to know what everyone else's plans are and if anyone wanted to meet up at a bar?

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Does anyone have any cool plans for hanging out after PAX/ know any cool bars? I bought a ticket for this Dirty Donkey Kong thing

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All 3 days and half of Thursday/Monday.

Name is Jamie

I would like to think we are friends.

I am one of those bad life decision's like starting to play DOTA, so yes we should be friends :)

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I have had some time to play this and I wish I could play only arena but I am actually having a lot of fun. What do you guys think?

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If Guybrush Threepwood "Mighty Pirate" is in this game I am sold. If he is not.... I am still sold.

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In terms of quality? That may be more up for debate.

Does anyone else feel like Alex is overly mean to everything he review's/reports on.

Anyway he is right about the $500 price point that is painful.

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This is very sad. There was a recent Stuff You Should Know podcast about police chases and how many unnecessary deaths come from them.

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@turbyne: I have been playing this game alot yesterday with my friends. I am actually really enjoying it.