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@jesus_phish: Going to actually try and emulate chords to an certain extent, it seems.

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@trafalgarlaw: No the "humiliated" guy genuinely had no clue he had been unintentionally funny. I forget what he said, but made Jeff mention how hot it was then he just moved on without even thinking about it which made Jeff sound like a chump. When the crowd laughed the guy asking the question thought the crowd was laughing at him, not Jeff. So he remarked "Man, I came off like a dumb ass." and Jeff turned it around on him and got him to say that like... 5 more times instead of just moving on and asking his actual question. To me that was worse than OP's GamerGate send up question.

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This guy's update. Holy cow.

"If I do continue to work in games it’ll be as an anonymous 1 of 1000 at some shitty corporation, not the most public figure of a single digit sized team."

Yeah, good luck getting work after preemptively saying the words "shitty company." HR does research. That'll be an easy quote for them to find now that this is part of his professional career.

Guy seriously needs to reevaluate his attitude. I'd love to work in the games industry and here's this guy flying off the handle and shooting himself in the foot before he's even working at a new developer...

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"Hard Rock Rooftops"

Hey, I was at this. That was a good party.

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Serious Sam 3 sics a giant pink scorpion after you if you pirate it.

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This is awesome. :D

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RIP Clance. I loved the Rainbow Six games. :(

Never made it through one of his books though. I love military film and stories, but something about having all of that info down on page made me glaze over once he's going into the details of stuff...

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I personally am for this idea.

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RIP Ryan, you were the best host in gaming podcast history. My heart goes out to Ryan's loved ones and family. Really soured my day.

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@ozzdog12: Could be planned. Could just be whale noises. I want to believe it was planned.