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Haven't played SC ll, but what has been said about how the Zerg race can evolve and turn out different at the end to how your friend's swarm could turn out has greatly interested me. Makes me want to pull a Vinny and buy all the SC releases to get the full story. Great article Brad!

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I thought Jeb was asked already if he would consider and he already said no????

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yeah i know what you mean but these card packs wouldnt be much different as its still the same deal of getting random cards. The difference would be you always get the same amount but still random .

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I'm definitely not paying for cards in this game. The packs are something that should have been in the game in the first place that could be purchased with the points we get from the duels we win, or by some other means. Why spend actual money for cards I can already get in the game if i just play a little more. By December i think people will have already had their fill of this game, I've certainly almost had, and if that happens what will the point of buying all those cards be if there's no one online to play against. It's annoying enough when so many opponents quit at the first sign of a possible loss.
I really do like this game but i wont spend extra money for card packs.

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@MrGtD said:
" they told you exactly what areas to look in "
@CL60 said:
" The main story of RDR did indeed have a mission where you looked for flowers, and it told you where said flowers are. "
and if you used survival maps every flower in the area would be shown.
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S ranked Reach Feels good :)