I hate you Outlands...

Rolled a Troll Druid to check out some of the new zones and had an absolute blast.  Almost tempted to make an Undead Hunter just to check out some of the Silverpine areas as well.  Then I get to Outlands on the druid... and now I'm bored. 
I don't know what it is about BC content that I hate so much that it bores me half to death compared to the rest of the questing in WoW.


Kitty power!

Haha.  Warrior just got canned for a troll druid :D 
Always wanted a druid but couldn't find a way to enjoy playing with a Tauren model -- problem is now solved.

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It's supposed to rain, yet all I see is a blue sky and feel a nice wind.  I think it's worth getting some new tubes and getting out on the road.

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Weekend has arrived.

Need to buy some new tubes for my bike and a patch kit since my last tire blew out before I could really do much.  Figure I'll need to learn how to put this stuff together on my own at some point or weekly trips to a bike shop for repairs will destroy my wallet. 
Want to level my protection warrior up for northrend, few more levels to go.  Wonder if I have enough money to buy off all of Bowerstone in Fable 3 yet...

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Rode my new bike over the weekend.  Tweaking and adjusting, trying to get used to it as it has been nearly 10 years since I rode one last.  Managed to pop the tire after 3 miles of use. 

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I've had an account here since early launch of the site and yet I rarely stop by other than for the odd review here and there.  Shacknews has spoiled me.

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