No no no no no!

The other day while at work, my co-worker came up to me after returning from his lunch break and began ranting and raving about Carl's Jr. New Prime Rib Burger and how it was the best thing hes tasted in awhile.  Having known my co-worker for a awhile and having similar taste in food, I took his advice. After getting out of work at 2:30 am I headed straight to Carl's Jr. to give this burger a go. After taking the first bite this was my conclusion. Now never having tasted a real piece of shit before, I can imagine it taste pretty close to the Prime Rib Burger. Cant put into words how horrible it was. I couldn't even push myself to eat it even knowing I dropped around $4 bucks on it. But maybe its just me. In the end, I should have just went to Alberto's instead. Lesson Learned.

Super Fries Yo

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