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Trainer: Clay

Friend Code: 3325-2042-5772

Pokemon X

Add me y'all! =)

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It was pretty good and more subscriber content is fine with me.

Does anyone know the Kerbal Space Program-esque game on the IOS that was mentioned on the stream?

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Not pictured: The "tip" faces North Korea and the whole thing is on a track. Every four hours, it extends and retracts away from North Korea. Predictably, the North Koreans will think this is very clever indeed.

So South Korea humps North Korea 8 times a day? Great
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I have never quit anything in my en

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I only complete games that hold my interest for most of the story. If I'm not intrigued by the story beats or entertained by the gameplay, I would probably play another game.

Games are for pleasure man!

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I read none of the manga and only watched a couple of episodes of the anime (up to the Frieza Saga).

Most of the story beats are covered in Dragonball Z: Budokai 3. So, my advice is to go through that or the hd version coming to consoles later this year.

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Can't vouch for them but Frozen Synapse and Jagged Alliance should be worth a quick look.
I'll second his recommendation for Frozen Synapse. It is THE underrated strategy game of this generation in my mind.
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I live in Singapore, so most of the people here aren't homeless, but sell stuff on the street for a few bucks like tissue paper or something. And I do try to help them out whenever I have some spare cash. I'm not sure about wherever you bombers are from if they just plead for money or at least work for it though.

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Best of both worlds with the Google Nexus 7 tablet and the Iphone 5. I really do feel constrained by the IOS after fiddling around with my Nexus 7 for a week now. But the variety of apps on the IOS marketplace is still the best around though. And my Nexus feels...I don't really know how to put it into words...sluggish? Sluggish. Maybe it's the way kinetic scrolling is designed on the different OS?