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YES. Yes! Yes! Yes!

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I don't care what you say, his name is Yoshi

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Seems to me that Patrick cares about this more than even the maker does. Seems interesting, but not really worth writing a story about. If something like Noby Noby Boy explained itself even less, should we somehow care more because it's more intriguing? I don't really think so.

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Boy, the combination of a Patrick Klepek article and the comments section sure do have an ability to make a mountain out of a more hill. The weird thing here is, I think all points are valid from all sides.

People should take more time to fact check news stories - true

Patrick should take more time to grammar check his articles - true

Microsoft spokespeople should be more aware of their policies - true

Taking a Microsoft spokesperson's word as truth is not unreasonable, and that makes this example not ideal for the point Patrick is trying to make - true

Game journalists on the whole should avoid navel gazing about their profession - VERY true, since the amount of game journalists is very small, the reader base interested in video games is much larger, and they do not relate to (or likely care) about the state of/ethics of game journalism.*

*Not saying the state of game journalism isn't important, just saying most readers aren't interested, since they themselves are not game journalists.

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Vinny is the life blood of this train. Giant Bomb will still be great, but the Bombcast is not the Bombcast without Vinny. Please find a way to get him on. I don't care if it's with Skype, let the man speak about the shenanigans he gets into!

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I don't care who was right and who was wrong in this; I am not touching Oculus as long as Facebook owns it. I will gladly wait until a company that doesn't own and share the information of billions of people comes out with its version.

But the idea behind facebook is that its users all willingly share their own information so your statement doesn't really seem valid. To not support a product that will probably be a turning point in video games for such a reason is really disturbing and its frustrating that you arent the only person who holds such a view

"Willingly" is such an nice word, considering that the majority of people on Facebook have no clue at all that their personal information is being sold. They believe that setting things to "private" or deleting them is enough to prevent that information from being spread by Facebook.

It get's even worse when Facebook goes out of their way to get the information you won't "willingly" supply to them, like buying up WhatsApp and thus the mobile numbers of it's whole userbase.

Let's also not ignore the biggest elephant in the room: Zuckerberg's "ideas" about what to use OR for. A virtual mall with virtual adds popping at you, in 3D!

Sorry but that's not a VR future i'm gonna support, it's just so unimaginative and so damn greedy that i get a urge to puke just thinking about it. If you want Zuckerberg's ideas inside VR, then you will be damning VR to be the "Social Media Games 2.0". Anybody still remember those? That's really the direction you want VR gaming to move!?

Look, the people at Oculus have said that the reason they opted to be bought was because Facebook said that they would let the Oculus people do what they do without interfering with the potential bullshit you speak of. That's not to say that the ideas you mentioned won't happen. They might. But let's wait and see what really happens before getting outraged.

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Nintendo are, at least currently and have been for a good few years now, a moronic company that make dumb as hell decisions.

Making a console that's a generation behind in technology, making it harder for third parties to develop for them, yet costing as much as an ACTUAL next-gen system: Check

Making a region locked HANDHELD system that's also region locked for most multiplayer games, making the concept of a handheld worthless: Check

I hope Nintendo crash and burn soon to be honest and go the way of Sega, the fact they've managed to survive this long after the Gamecube is almost purely due to the Wii doing far better than anyone could have guessed. I love my 3DS purely due to the games, but not being able to play anything 3DS-related with my friends due to the fact my 3DS is from a different region riles me up to no end. Especially when the original DS handled things so well.

So yeah, down with Nintendo, I love their games, I swear I do, I'd be incredibly happy to play their games, on Sony's and Microsoft's machines that is. They've gotten far too big-headed for their own good, I'm sick of their constantly segregating gamers in general with their piss-poor decisions. Developers are not going to want to develop solely for the Wii U, when they can make more than double their money making a single game that can be played on both XB1 and PS4. And if they have no games, who's going to want their console? The only reason the Wii did so well is because of how dirt cheap it was and the novelty factor, the Wii U doesn't have that, we see touch screens every day and the price they're charging was and still is horrendous.

Rant over, I really do hate modern Nintendo.

A little harsh, but yeah I agree with you. Nintendo has fits of brilliance and fits of idiocy. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they could turn it around on the next console, but they've been so completely out of touch for the past 4-5 years, it's hard to still have faith in them. I hope they turn the corner. I mean certainly no one predicted the Wii would be so successful after the Gamecube underperformed, so I'll never count out Nintendo until they truly crash and burn.

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The part I think is the dumbest about voice commands is that you have to say "Xbox" before everything. It sounds dumber each time someone says it out loud. Like Will Smith said when Kinect first came out, you should be able to rename it to "Batman" or whatever you want.

Also, go Lions!

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Yes, it is very much worth playing. It was my first metal gear, and I loved it.