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Now, prepare yourselves... I'm about to do.... MATH!

This is a simple problem with a down payment of $99 at time = 0 following by a series of monthly, $15, annuities for 24 months. If we were given an interest rate, we could simply calculate the present worth of that series of payments, but alas, we do not have this so lets think about for a minute. What are we actually paying for here? We don't entirely know what this "subsidized" Xbox 360 package will include, but we can say that is might have a 4GB Xbox 360 (Best Buy Retail Price = $199). The 24 month plan should include Xbox Live Gold (Retail Price = $60/year, so for 24 months, that gives us $120 total value).

For this deal to be indeed a "deal" then the net present worth should be less than $199 + $120 = $319. We are still missing an interest rate. I went online and found common interest rates for credit cards to be around 20% APR, that's good enough. Unfortunately, APR = Annual Percentage Rate, not monthly percentage rate, so I need to convert 20% into an equivalent monthly interest rate. You may need to do a bit of research for this to make sense, but the equivalent monthly rate to an APR of 20% is... 1.2^(1/12) - 1 = 0.0153 or 1.53%.

Great, we have an interest rate, we have a payment plan. Let's NPW this shit. The present worth of a uniform series can be found here. I found the P/A for this = 19.96. Thus, the NPW of this payment plan is = $99 + (19.96)*($15) = $398.38

Well, you guys are right, this is not a "deal" per say, but it's not a terrible amount of interest, you are essentially paying $80 of interest over 2 years for the pleasure of enjoying an Xbox 360 with 2 years of Xbox Live. I've seen much worse payment plans out there for cars, dishwashers, couches, Pawn Stars...

Of course, I did not include tax or anything in this analysis. Hope that wasn't too long and boring. Of course, I'll try to answer questions.

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I went to the Escapist today and this happened. My entire browsing window was nearly covered with ads. I decided to take on the challenge of calculating approximately how much of my screen was occupied by these ads:

Total Screen Space = 871,760 sq. pixels (I used MS paint to get pixel dimensions, all dimensions are in sq. pixels.)

AD 1 = 55,111

Video AD = 238,005 (I know this one may not actually be fair to count, but w/e)

AD 2 = 73,953

AD 3 = 105,165

AD 4 = 154,230

Total Ad Area = 626,464 sq. pixels

At the time of this screenshot, approximately 72% of my browser was covered in ads. Insanity.

I know that I am not in the "publisher's club" or whatever they like to call the paid membership, but this is just stupid. I should want to pay for membership to a website as a way to support the content of the website, or some other added bonus. I shouldn't have to be badgered with ads in order to enjoy the content that you have decided to offer for free.

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As I understand what has happened with this SOPA/PIPA clusterfuck is that Congress decided to write this legislation without any input from those who will be affected by the legislation. Entrepreneurs who create websites like, sysadmins who help maintain them, and content creators (think people who would not have gotten big on the internet without the ability to host their own work and let it spread freely (anyone on YouTube / whoever writes those awesome xkcd comics), not the RIAA) had nearly zero say in what was written in this legislation.

No matter the intent of the legislation, it's the implementation of vague legislation that scares people. Just from what I have read, the experts of the internet (who will be most affected by any sort of legislation such as this) want to be part of the solution, just those dopes on Capitol Hill won't let them.

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@Yagami: probably just because you get a rise out of pissing people off. Seriously don't care what you think about faith

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@PrivateIronTFU said:

@Rattle618 said:

If you give a shit about this:

1. You are an idiot.

2. You should have bought the PC version.

3. You're a 12 year old. You, specifically.

@ PrivateIornTFU. You're awesome. You, specifically.

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how can "Michael and Sarah Green"  birth a baby boy...who they adopted 
it should read "Michael and Sarah Green adopted a baby boy named Brian"...where are you reading this crap?

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@ZombiePie:   idk what sort of jobs you guys work, but that's not unheard in the engineering industry.  The important thing is to have the freedom to take at least a week off after a 65 hour work week. 
Just sayin, until you work a schedule like that, it's hard to really understand what it feels like.  and I'm saying from aint that bad AS LONG AS you have the time to recoup immediately. 
From that letter from the disgruntled employees, i dont remember them saying they had that vacation time after a strenuous week, which is terrible.... but still, I bought the game
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You are allowed your opinion, and so are we.  I, for one, think you are wrong.  The middle part of portal 2 was crazy fun.

Unfortunately, I bought this game during finals week when I should have been studying like a mad man, but something about this game kept me sucked in and I could not put it down.  This is a sure sign of a fantastic game. 

I loved exploring the decrepit ruins of Aperture Science, and I had a ton of fun with the huge open spaces.  If the origins of Aperture were normal test chambers that we had already seen the general formula for, It would have been boring and I would have put down the game and kept studying. 

Portal left a bunch of questions with very few answers, and Portal 2 answered quite alot of them.  I like answers....

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good thing this semester is finishing up, cause I've got some testing to do...
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@JapanMan:   I've bought ASUS components before, but never a laptop.  With 50 reviews on NewEgg with an average of 5 stars, that is very promising.  I'm adding this one to my options.  Thanks man
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