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Gutted to hear this news, I have viewed this site every day since my friend sent me Jeff and Ryan doing the Rogue Warrior quick look. Although I never met him like most people here from reading/listening and watching him most days of the week I will truly miss this man I never met. He seemed like an awesome dude. For everyone that knew him this must be 1000x worse and my thoughts are with you.

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BWAAAAAAAAAAM its just this with zombies:

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@caseyg said:

I guess a lot of people are cool with paying top dollar to only temporarily lease a license to play a game. What's that sound I hear? It's Ubisoft and EA unzipping their pants now that they know there's a lot of gamers out there who are nothing more than a bunch of catamites.

With a game this size yes I am, Diablo2 is still online and it's 11 years old, even if Diablo3 lasts half that time I certainly won't still be playing it in 6 years time. In terms of playtime I have already played it more than I played many of last years AAA games, so it's money well spent.

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Any way to get the MLB app on a UK Xbox360? I managed to get it on my PS3 via the US Store but don't know how to do ths on xbox. I don't see why it is limited anyway since I have paid my subscription to for the year anyway.

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Shame for the staff, but they over charged and over saturated the market, I work in Glasgow City centre and I have 2 GAMEs and 1 Gamestation all on one street within a 5 minute walk. If I walk another 10 minutes there is another GAME and another Gamestation.

Well, not any more there won't be.

N.B. GAME own Gamestation.

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Slant Six made a right mess of SOCOM in some respects, although the gameplay was true to the series it was a bug ridden mess for the first year. I remember getting it at release and as multiplayer only game, taking 25 minutes to load is just ridiculous, its ridiculous for any game but when you dont have a campaign to fall back on its even worse.

If Slant Six could release this in a similar state to SOCOM after it had been out for a year abd bug fixed it could be a great game, but from what I have read a lot of previews seem to suggest many of the problems still exist.

I had this on pre order but I will let other people take the plunge first and see what the general consensus is.

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I just got a MW3 for £25 and was going to buy Elite since I got the game so cheap but after reading all about it, I think it would be wise to just pass on this mess.

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@Doctorchimp said:

Free to Play by summer.

calling it

Not a chance of that.

There are far worse MMO's that have stayed pay2play longer. They would have to seriously alter the game to put it in a free2play model.

The game would have to totally bomb to go free, by bomb i mean below 100k subs after 6 months. This game will hold a million subs for 1 year plus, there is no chance it will get the 12 million WoW has since its not even launching in most parts of the world, just USA and select parts of the EU.