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once people realize there is more to wrestling than WWE than they wont be so down on it. there are tons of indes putting on killer shows.

Not to mention NEw japan has been killing it with its last few events

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player uno posting on here is wierd

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introducing Eric Generic

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The rock shoulg get on that DDP yoga. Jericho is embarissinh him.

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So wwe uploaded this to their YouTube page take it as you will

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glad im not the only one who thoguht madox sounde dlike bane

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UltraMantis black is injured


I have been queried by more than a modicum of devotees about the puzzling absence of the Great & Devious UltraMantis Black from the events of the forthcoming CHIKARA season premiere. I feel that I should properly address the issue in order to preemptively quash any nefarious whispering campaign or scandalous scuttlebutt.
In the year 2 Aught 12, I found myself engaged in a variety of combative exercises with a plethora of scoundrels, scamps, and all-around bad eggs within the squared circle. At some point, a select aura of my earthly shell fell victim to traumatic distress. I forged on, unwilling to allow loathsome figures like Delirious, Ophidian, and Ravage to carry-on unchecked. Alas, this physical peccadillo has caught up with me and I have been forced to undergo several aesculapian procedures via the scalpel's blade. With the aid of ethereal curative tonics collected from the natural springs of the Sea of Capricorn, I patiently convalesce.
The Spectral Envoy, however, remains steadfast and strong. More potent and robust than ever before! I will continue to use my cunning and masculine wiles to lead The Envoy to our grandest and more splendid era of all times. This is, indeed, the Re-Awakening!
Come and see for yourselves!