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hey guys ya the NHL franchise has come leaps and bounds since the skill stick was introduced in 2007. 
The jersey created for EASHL is actually better than I thought it would be.
When you select custom jersey you are present with the following menu

  • Logo style
  • jersey style
  • font style
  • helmet color
  • glove color
  • pant color
  • sock style
  • and a uniform preview of home,away and goalies
I believe the list im looking at has roughly 85+ logos to choose from and you select what colours for the logos.
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yeah, I have a feeling my "source" is going down that same path.  He sold roughly 100 copies yesterday but whatever.   Im around to answer any questions, but it seems like this site is pretty slow.

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@one_2nd said:
" I used to be able to get games early but that store closed down.. Ugh this sucks. "
did it close because of letting games go early?
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there is a roster & tuner set available already, i got it when I turned the game on for the first time.

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figured I'd post here and see if people had questions.  

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Was able to get my hands on the game early, im so addicted to it already haha
edit: sorry for proof check out laxbandit on

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hahah oh the chickens!

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looks meh in my opinion

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everyone should check out Husky on youtube.  He has some fantastic strats for Terran

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Sure! I'd love to have the Beta code :)

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