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I missed the last one, definitely interested in this one

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At first this whole quest system seemed weird, owing to the fact that this is a website, but just as the achievement tracking got me back into achievement points this new feature has gotten me back into looking at obscure videogame pages for hours. It is also so easy to just come on here and think that "I'll just do one quest real quick" but here you are a few hours later and none of your actual work has gotten done. It may be a problem. The launch was a little rough, and I subsequently missed the timed quest, which is lame but thus is life. Oh well, at least this blog post will wrap up my profile achievements. 

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Looks a little jumpy in spots (though it may just be them playing in a way to show the environment) and i heard that one scream one too many times, but i really like the different objectives and class switching, i'll be keeping a eye on this one

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While we wait for them to have downtime to make dumb videos with, I forgot that this happened and its pretty great

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i do indeed, feel you, my brother. I've just been watching how to build a bomb

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you know way too much about the personal lives of people you've never met

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Rocktober here at last! It can only be enhanced by sick statuettes 

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i'm beginning to come around on this game, i'll have to try it out at least

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yo quiero

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