Good Bye 1 Up / EGM ...

Yesterday the hammer finally dropped on the sale of 1Up. And the closing of EGM.

The sad thing about it is that UGO, the company that bought the 1up network. Said how they liked the community that 1up had and the quality of all its content. Then proceeded to layoff the main people behind that content. Ryan Odonnell, Garnett, Matt, Nick Suttner and more. There will no longer be a 1up show or 1up yours. And most of the other podcasts. So I ask ...... What is the point of buying 1Up for its content, If your just  going to cancel and let go of the staff?

So with that rant .  I wish the best for all that lost there jobs. No doubt they will be back.


Madden ...NCAA and more NCAA.

That pretty much is everything i have been playing. I pause for some Bionic Commando Rearmed, and GeoWars2. But then it is back to my Madden Franchise.Or my online dynasty in NCAA.
 I still am confused as to why Tiburon did not put Online Franchise in Madden. They make NCAA to so they had the code and Knowledge to do so. Seeing as how the leagues in Madden have turned out to be a disaster . It was a def big mistake for them.  To be able to take the Draft class from my online dynasty in college to my online dynasty in Madden. Would have been amazing. Just like it is great battling over High school players to come to my school over my buddies. Bidding over free agents i imagine that would have had the same feeling. Lots of work to do on that front going forward. OD's in NBA games would be great.

But thanks to EA for making me remember why i love sports games so much again.


Almost a week after the bomb...

And the site is still up and running. Smoother and smoother everyday. Jeff and all the guys..and there new robot are getting through a megaton of  user submissions. It's great to see all the user interaction. Adding games and obscure facts. Its funny when you think you have alot  of knowledge of games. Until you see some of the games that got pages on this site. That is my hope for this site. To be a great place for gamers to come and spew are knowledge and love for Video games . Have a great forum where you can find anything from useful, to totally off the wall. Without all the idiots , babies and internet tough guys. I know there will be a few here and there. But i hope us as the community as a whole stays friendly and helpful til the end.

Great week here at The Bomb... Thanks guys.


Giant Bomb...

Just wanted to say thanks to all involved . The site looks great. All the features are top notch. Hope the community is active, friendly and supportive.

I plan on being involved in this site. And try my hand at blogging and reviews . Have to see how that goes. LoL