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Why did Alex move to the east coast anyways? Was he moving for personal reasons and whiskey just thought it would be good to have a dude on the east coast for so they kept him on? or what?

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Bombcasts are fine as is, could be a little longer imo.

I feel quicklooks are fine. Occasionally they go long, like Dark Souls, but I loved it, and it convinced me to purchase the game - something the Demon Souls QL didn't do for me.

If a quicklook goes too long for me or is too boring I just shut it off. Those are few and far between for me, but I can't see why you couldn't just turn off Nicktoons baseball after 5-10 minutes if you don't have time to watch the whole thing. You'd get the gist that it's a baseball game with nickolodeon characters, and how it plays. Those more interested can follow through and look at the rest of the modes that are in the game.

I'm really not sure of the problem, the control is in your hands. You can watch or listen for however long or however short you like.

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I've heard of companies blaming poor sales on piracy, but putting the blame on releasing the entire game on piracy is hilarious. With the Arcade version done, the work is 99% done for the PC version, no reason not to release it, unless PC sales of SF4 were very terrible, which it doesn't sound like they were. 
And if they are that worried about releasing a game to a system where it can be pirated, why is Dead Rising 2 coming to PC? Why does capcom release games on 360 and wii at all? Both systems have people pirating, and it is very easy to pirate games on the wii. It is of course easier to just double click install on the PC, but none the less, piracy exists on those platforms, and soon will on PS3, not to mention the handheld platforms. 
I had planned on waiting for the PC version of SSF4 just because I don't have xbox live and I have a good gaming pc, and it is a great deal at 35-40$. With this knowledge I'll reluctantly get it on my xbox, but I'll get it used certainly, which still provides capcom with no revenue. After purchasing CIV5 on steam I'll use what would've been my SSF4 money on COD:Black ops and Cataclysm - and grab SSF4 when it's 15 bucks at gamestop. Thanks capcom!

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That's not half bad, provided that the servers are of high quality. 14.95 for 18 player server easily compares to CS and CSS prices. 
Yeah it kinda sucks you can't make your own server for your lan, but just like the whole SC2 thing, how often do you lan without internet access?

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I wouldn't want to DL a huge video file but it would make for an interesting monday night/ tuesday afternoon if they livestreamed the recording of the podcast.

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It's worked for most new games I've played, and if it doesn't inherently work there are apps which will map it for some older games and maybe some indie stuff?
Be careful with the wireless one though, my dongle died after about 2 months and I had to solder it to get it to work again.

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So if you take a look at you can see that along with a Lil' X-T, Blizzard has decided to sell a celestial steed mount which is a both ground and flying mount that can go up to 310% speed (depending on if you have another mount with that speed) for 25 dollars.
From what you'd learn if you just read the official forums, this is the downfall for WoW as we know it, and we'll soon be buying gear for dollars. That is simply not true though, Blizzard would never make you pay for things in game that could actually give you a boost over other players in the game. No vanity pet you buy at the store gives you an advantage (although the panda is kickass!) and the mount is restricted by what you have already earned. If you don't have epic flying, then it will only go at the 150% speed for normal flying, etc.
Other then the doomsday crowd, people are also crying out that this mount should be special, like it dropping from Lich King Hard Mode 25-man. I ask why it should be so rare? Why should the Celestial Steed end up like Ashes of A'lar, Mimiron's Head, Black Scarab and the Crimson Deathcharger from Shadowmourne, with only a small minority ever getting one of these cool mounts. Why can't the more casual players of WoW, or the ones with the worst luck, have a cool looking mount for once, (and I'm not casual, as you can see, I already have the sick Frostwyrm).
Of course we worry for the day that Blizzard charges for game impacting items, but I doubt that day will ever come. Nothing they have done so far gives a player an advantage over another, and as they have stated before, it will continue to be that way.