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@xyzygy said:
" Was it only the Asari who say "Thank the Maker"? "
Actually, I think it was the Goddess they worshipped.
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Awesome news, I can't wait to see what the scene does for PS3. PSP, DS and Wii are absolutely fantastic with custom firmware, so this is exciting.

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Not really a problem on PC - more VRAM helps.

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Steam sales alone will probably push it past those numbers. It's just common sense that a lot of sales are generated when there are discounts, and this will be no different. I guarantee that every copy of the first Mass Effect wasn't sold at $60. If they were clever, they'd copy the BioShock 2 pre-order deal on Steam - get 10% off and the first game free. It's proving very popular, as well as the 4-pack deal.

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Yes, but then they wouldn't be portable. I like my PSP games on my PSP, ready to be played anywhere.

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Looks like a crazy old combo of Colonel Hans Landa and Ron Perlman. But less cool.

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" @Slippy said:

" @lilburtonboy7489:   How about you actually explain what is wrong with it rather than saying "there is so much wrong" and leaving the thread. "

You called it "free" healthcare twice. That's straight up stupid. You find it morally disgusting that people have to actually pay for a service (How DARE people charge for services!). I bet you can't believe people have to pay for food and houses as well. And lastly, you say that being "anti-socialism" is "too patriotic". How the hell is that patriotic? How are those concepts even related? Is it impossible to be both patriotic and a socialist? "
Straight up stupid... right... yet it's worked well and tended to the poor in the UK, Scandinavia, Canada and Japan just fine. The money to fund these services comes from taxation, which most people - even the poor - will end up paying lest they wish to face prison. And even then, breaks can be offered to the small percentage who absolutely cannot pay taxes. If the government can't work out a way to fund a healthcare system through tax then they simply have problems deeper rooted in bad budgeting and misspending rather than a shortage of money. The UK did it, Canada did it, Japan did it - the only question remaining is why can't America do it?
Agree to disagree here if you want: to deny the well-being of a person on the basis of finance is the most despicable thing you can do. This is not the same as food and housing. I don't know what the USA offers for these things, but many other developed countries offer schemes to tackle them. It's a seperate entity so I don't know why you're dragging them into this thread. The notion that money could be made off genuine suffering IS horrible. A government should look after its people - I could argue that if they don't, what is the purpose of even having a government? 
And no, it isn't impossible - they do actually have nothing in common. Don't look at the meaning of 'anti-Socialism', look at what the words are being used for - it's merely being utilised to further the opposition's agenda. Some people are building their entire hatred of this proposed system around it simply being 'socialist'. The opposition are patriots who don't want change in the American political climate, and I respect that; but the majority of them are demonising socialism, as if one tiny bit will tear down every political value they ever had. 
As a side note, I really hate how people can be branded a socialist for this - sometimes it just comes down to a simple act of decency to help out those at the bottom line. I sure as fuck don't hear anyone in the UK complaining about healthcare funding for others. It's like saying "why am I paying road tax? I don't drive a car", or "why do I pay water tax? I drink bottled water." To the people asking these questions - this is how a country runs, just pay your taxes and it'll save us a lot of bitching when you actually need said services.
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But wait, this was about sex?

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How about you actually explain what is wrong with it rather than saying "there is so much wrong" and leaving the thread.