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Out of sheer (utterly mad) curiosity, what's the consensus on candidates from overseas applying? For instance, the tiny island of England? Would they even get considered? What if they promised to bake scones? And also learn how to bake? And pronounce scones the other way?

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Damn, that's fantastic. I'm envious I couldn't be there. Nicely done, chaps. Nicely done.

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Can we please get a LOVE RYAN DAVIS shirt printed up in Ryan's honour? All proceeds to his family. I would buy that in a goddamn second.

Ryan, I never met you, but I feel like I've lost a best friend. You've helped me get through a lot of stuff in the past few years, from cancer, break-ups and family losses, and I wish I had the opportunity to thank you in person. Rest in peace, you magnificent bastard. I hope I can be even half the man you were one day.

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Holy shit balls.

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Everything about this situation (read as: debacle) just reminds me of Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway, and how Gearbox pulled the same bait-and-switch manoeuvre with presentation materials. Does anyone else remember this video? It's even got Randy Pitchford talking up a storm again and promising scenes and features that just just didn't exist in the final product. Hopefully if any good does come from this situation it'll be that Gearbox now (finally) knows that hoodwinking the press and public doesn't make for a viable development strategy.

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"Oh, hey, there's that girl I recognise from TV" is the complete opposite reaction you should ever want to illicit from a character. I mean, the whole point of screen characters is that they transcend the actor and face playing them, and become instead the embodiment of that persona. Choosing someone specifically to do the opposite is horrendously bad and gimmicky writing, and I can't believe they went ahead with it. It hugely breaks verisimilitude and nukes your suspension of disbelief, which is so ridiculously important in science fiction.

I've generally loved Bioware's writing for the past 2 games, but this is such a huge step in the wrong direction and ultimately undermines the story they're trying to tell. How did anyone other than the marketing department think this was a good idea?

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This sucks, mostly because a friend and I recently set about writing our own Carmen Sandiego reimanging on spec (we're both writers, and he works for a production company in LA) only to find out someone had already beaten us to the rights. And I guess this is it. Awful. Does it count if I protest our idea was much better?

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It is to my understanding, dear gentlemen, that I have completed your survey to a satisfactory level. Jolly good.

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I thought it was a bit in-your-face at first, but it does make for a neat method of contextual product placement. I doubt the game was being played in real time though, the movement seemed slightly off to me.

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This is both infuriating and extremely disheartening.