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I thought it was a bit in-your-face at first, but it does make for a neat method of contextual product placement. I doubt the game was being played in real time though, the movement seemed slightly off to me.

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This is both infuriating and extremely disheartening.

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Oh man, I can't believe I forgot about giant greenscreen Ryan screwing around with Will and Norm's segment. That was easily one of my favourite parts.

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The problem with the Comic Vine segments were that they weren't properly organised, meaning that it all felt a bit amateur and bland. Whereas Screened and Tested and Giant Bomb all had these pre-arranged demonstrations and situations set up, Comic Vine had nothing to do but stand in front of the camera and talk comics. A huge improvement for one would have been to have the prizes on show during the trivia segment, so the viewers could at least see what they were competing for. 
I know it's a cliché thing as well, but maybe Babs and G-Man could have taken it in turns to dress up throughout the show, so as to at least make their time on screen a little more visually stimulating for the audience. Imagine how much more enjoyable the questions could have been if G-Man was stood delivering them whilst dressed like Wolverine?
It's simple and stupid, but it would have helped.

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I really enjoyed all of it, actually (the Denizen stuff in particular, along with Jean Baudin's appearance). Having said that, the Heroes on the Move segment was pretty awful; the whole game just looks like a pointless, mini-game fuelled attempt at shamelessly milking three separate franchises. Plus, the PR lady hosting didn't seem to have the faintest clue what she was talking about, and going off on huge, long-winded tangents in an effort to dodge simple questions wasn't fun to listen to. 
I genuinely felt bad for Ryan having to clutch at straws in order to make it even the least bit interesting.
However, Brad singing Bowie was incredible.

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I must have it.

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This is the strangest pre-order gimmick I think I've ever seen.

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I kind of don't get what it is you're trying to say here. You're angry because they're rating bad films... with bad scores? Last time I checked, didn't GiantBomb do essentially the exact same thing, only with games?

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@mubblegum said:
" Bournemouth, England. Where it's sunny right now. GiantBomb + sun + long walk = good times! "
Well, shit. Snap.
That's a little spooky.