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@Hylianhero1991 said:
" Anyone have any tips for A Battle In Active Time #2 and #5? "
2. You could say that they're the Captain Price of the Final Fantasy world.
5. "Hey, is it me or does that boy looks just like a girl?"
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I've literally tried everything even remotely connected to Half-Life in search of #1. I'm stumped.

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@endaround: It's an object. Gypsy's are fond of them. The Final Fantasy series has a subclass of games surrounding them.
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Crazy thanks for the hints, guys. Just #1 to go now as well. >.<

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Ah man, I can't believe Experiments Gone Awry wasn't one for OFM. Dang.

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Anybody got any clues for 1-4 on One Free Man? I'm drawing blanks left, right and center.

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@crono11: Gypsies are especially fond of them.
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I was amazed Moogle and Belts weren't apart of the Final Fantasy set to be honest.

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@Fish_Face_McGee said:
" @StarFoxA said:
" @crono11 said:
" For number 5 in Final Fantasy think is that a boy or a girl?    Any clues to the first one in FF would be appreciated. "
Did it for me, thanks. For number one, Dave's hint on the first page is good. "
Me too.  I just had to remember how to spell the damn word. "
Ha! That instantly made me get it. Awesome.
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I'm stuck on 4/5 so far. Great clues, by the way, Fish_Face_McGee.
Edit: @crono11: People will often tell others to look inside this spherical object.