So is anyone else looking forward to this game?

I'm a bit behind on my LEGO game collection. I still want to pick up LEGO Batman 2, LEGO Harry Potter (both games) and now this when it's released. Granted I've actually read Lord of the Rings in its' entirety once a year for several years so naturally I was overjoyed to hear this games announcement. I have loved all the LEGO games I have played up to this point (give or take LEGO Star Wars III but I'm unfamiliar with the source material) so naturally I'm a little eager to pick this one up. I actually wouldn't be ashamed to say I'd like to pick this up the day it's released and just really lay into it. I remembered having to get used to the camera and jump physics when I played the first LEGO STAR WARS but after that it's been clear sailing and a helluva fun ride. I'm just really anxious to see how this game plays, as it seems each game has been improved upon (at least a little) from the LEGO games that came before so naturally I've got some high hopes that T.T. does this one right. I know there are a lot of naysayers for what LEGO has done with familiar franchises but what people often forget is they take away from games what they think games should be and not what they are. This game is a LEGO game so naturally it's made for a younger target audience with adults familiar with the franchise thrown into the mix somewhere. I for one can't wait for this game and hope for nothing but success with its' release.


BL2 Release Is Drawing Closer

So with so much time invested in hours of play with several saved characters (each built a little differently) in the first BORDERLANDS I'm getting a little eager with the release of BL2 drawing closer. With so many good memories blasting skags and bandits (both solo and co-op) I'm wondering how BL2 is really going to stack up. I mean the first game brought together a lot of concepts that kept the game fun and interesting even with playthrough after playthrough. I (probably like most) gave each class a go and found something extremely fun about each character/class to keep the game fresh even after countless hours were sunk into it.

What has been "bubbling" in my mind is: with the familiarity of the first game I guess there's a worry of burnout with playing BL2. I mean it's hard to imagine that happening with so many new characters, locations, guns and so much more that burning out could even be possible but it's still something I've been mulling over. The characters we fell in love with in the first game are still going to be around as NPC's which I thought was pretty cool of the developers, letting us know they're not forgetting what we loved about the first game (aside from the guns). I was a little hesitant to do a pre-order because I mean... the "mech" class character is going to be available to buy anyway and if the "extra" content would even be all that great since they're going to go into your inventory items at the -beginning- that they will probably be nullified pretty early on with loot you find within the first few hours but I digress.

I really -DO- have high hopes for this game and just kind of worry about the game losing that spark that kept us all up and going for an amazingly fun gaming experience the first time around. Each class seems like it improves upon concepts/skills in the previous game and I'm eager to try those out as well. The story seems like it was flushed out a bit more and draws the player in a bit more than the broad vault hunting story of the original. The graphics are still the comic book style that made so much of the original Borderlands really "pop" for a lot of players unfamiliar with that kind of style and was really cool. Last but not least the loot-weapon systems seems to have been given a serious overhaul and that at it's heart drove so many hours of gaming just to get something better, something better, something better. With all this in mind I really don't see how the game could possibly go wrong but it has happened with several titles in the past and I can't imagine anything more heartbreaking than a let down with a game of this scale and potential.

Are these fears groundless or has anyone else given though to any of the above mentioned concerns that could possibly derail what promises to be such a great game?


The Lag

I've heard a ton of people that are still bitching about Blizzard's servers when it comes to playing DIABLO 3 and in all honesty I think it's just annoying. Is it Blizzard's fault? Yes. Is it your internet connection? Possibly! When it comes to a game like this and you get pissed about lag... what did you expect? I mean I'm not 100% happy about it either but to hear people drone on and on and on about it just seems kind of pathetic. If you don't like it... DON'T PLAY IT! There! I've solved the problem for you. Now we can all move on.


So is anyone stoked for the D3 midnight release?

So I was huge fan of Diablo and I bought the Diablo Battle Chest just to get a copy of Diablo 1. My college roommate wasn't too impressed with the overall look of D1 but he asked how D2 was. Told him I'd never played it so I really didn't know. I let him bum my copy of Diablo II and within an hour he walked into my room and told me I told me I had to try it. Needless to say I got hooked pretty quick and soon we started playing hours and hours of Diablo II on battlenet filled quite a bit of what should have been time studying. A couple years ago he started working at GameStop and eating up all the info he could find on Diablo III. As soon as the Collector's Edition for D3 was released he put the money down on his copy and a few weeks later when I got a call from him I told him I wanted to put some money down on a copy for myself. He then informed me he had already paid for -MY- copy in full saying it was his gift for all the years we were broke ass college students and couldn't get each other any gifts for birthdays or X-Mas and it was my reward for getting him into the DIABLO franchise in the first place. So as soon as I get the hour and a half drive home done after I grab my copy we can lay into some demon slaying. I realize I really lucked out thanks to my buddy and with the release date drawing nearer by the hour is anyone else just chomping at the bit for the midnight release?


RAGE not just a game but a state-of-mind and an emotion.

So while playing RAGE I find myself torn about my overall feeling(s) about the game. I love id's direction in the development of RAGE's style but I have conflicting interests with the game. On the one hand it is a fun game when you take the time to sit down and get into the game and smoke baddies on foot and/or whilst mounted in your badass upgradeable vehicle(s). On the other hand when not playing the game and pondering sitting down to knock out a little more of the story I kind of have to push myself to get to that point (which is pretty fuck'n unusual) and thus I am torn about my overall experience with the game thus far.


Fun weapons

Beautifully rendered environments/landscapes

Several ammo types/options

Cool and engaging vehicle play

Side quests for some extra cash

Cool/engaging achievements.


Repetitive type side quests

-Sometimes- vehicle response seems to lag

Sometimes downright idiotic A.I.

Game lock-up (not so much bad because of the save-anytime feature but more just kind of an annoyance)

Cheers mate.


LEGO STAR WARS III: Good graphics but a good experience...?

Having played some of the other titles in the T.T. franchise I was extremely stoked when I snagged my copy of L.S.W III and knowing it was based on the Clone Wars animated series had me walking a bit in the dark but overall I was quite optimistic. I knew it was going to be big switch going into the story but after just a short time and while trying to remain open-minded to the experience I found the game's experience rather souring.

Graphically the game is extremely impressive for a LEGO game and I was very happy with the feel but I just felt like the game tries to go to in-depth without having much "meat" to go off of. I've had the game for 2 months and am still having to push myself just to even contemplate picking up the controller and beating it just to complete the experience but... I just don't know. I thoroughly wanted to enjoy this game and it just bothers me that I'm finding myself not doing just that. Any other people had a similar experience or even the complete opposite and had a great time with it? Am I just approaching this game all wrong?


The Golden Age

While playing RAGE a few days ago the strange though/question came into my mind, "As fun as this is does it compare to the good ol' days?" While playing a game developed by id I couldn't help but go back to thinking of the days of playing shareware DOOM (Knee Deep In The Dead) and thinking, "why shouldn't I just fire up DOOM or Duke on my PC and just go to town on some baddies old-school style?" It may seem rather nostalgic but does it seem completely unreasonable? I mean... I know gaming has to move forward and the memories of games we play are in part almost as important as the games themselves so is it the games I yearn for or just the thoughts/memories? Have I lost my mind?


Celebrate the holidays.... with games.... a s*%t-load of games

The holidays when you were a kid were more or less (let's be honest) about all the cool stuff you were going to get and as time has gone on we all learn to appreciate more aspects to the holidays but c'mon... the gifts were where it was at. Yes, it's nice to see old friends and the family (the ones you can tolerate) and enjoy some warm memories of holidays and good times past but we all desire those kick-ass gifts from the ones who truly know us best.  As time has gone on the evolution of gift giving for gamers has evolved as rapidly as gaming platforms have. Every time we see those gifts in that shiny paper under the tree that are shaped like a DVD case you know in the back of your mind there's a 50/50 chance that you're about to snuggle up to your system for some additional T.L.C. Whether you're the college kid, the factory worker or whatever, as long as you're a gamer, those fingers are crossed as you stare drooling at those square packages of potential joy. 
Over the last 10 years, don't get me wrong, I love next generation gaming and the incredible leaps that have been made in graphics and sound but I find more and more joy coming back to the parents house and dusting off the good ol' systems and popping in a cartridge game and just going to town. No matter how badly Kano may kick your ass or how badly you may want to shoot that damn giggling dog you can't help but smile and keep going back for more. I have found that drooling over the anticipation of a new 360 game is quite fun and always satisfying but there are so many good memories of spending countless hours in front of a 12" tube T.V. wanting to snap the controller in half after hours of beat-downs or of that victory fist-pump after completing a level you've been stuck in for  2 hours. Those memories are what draw us (or me at least) to the joy of the holidays, which is celebrating the holidays with games... a s*%t-load of games.