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With the release of the latest Borderlands title, fans of the franchise are chomping at the bit to have a crack at this title. While there have been great successes -and- shortcomings with both titles, what is it exactly that players are looking for with this go 'round?

As a player who loves loot grind but is bit reluctant to hop into a FPS, this franchise not only intrigued me but kept me coming back to hear more, see more, and do more. Quests were fun, dialogue was often completely off-the-wall and provided more than a few good laughs but overall the jump from the first game to the second gave players a lot more of the formula that made the first game so successful but also gave us something more we wanted from the first game, -story-. While not as immersing as an RPG but enough to substantiate a cell-shaded FPS, the story was an added boon to a already fun franchise that was in many ways, still trying to find and broaden its' audience. With this new title rapidly approaching. I, personally just wanted to know what is it you (the players) would like to see from this new addition to the Borderlands franchise?

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Bar Borderlands 1 and 2, has gearbox even made any decent games?

The only real blemish on their record is Colonial Marines.

You just gonna ignore Duke Nukem?

Can't blame them for Duke, all they did was polish a turd.

Agreed. They pretty much took what was there and just kind of got it out there since it had been in development so long. I kind of figured they knew there was -no- living up to such a huge pre-production hype... I mean... what game could? I just hope with owning the rights that if/when they do put out another Duke title it will be a better product as a whole. I still got my kicks out of DNF but much more is left to be mined imo.

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Weird, I actually kind of liked the first Army of Two game. It was a decent enough couch co-op game. I follow this to see what they do with it.

Same here. I actually didn't even mind the single player too much. I'm just honestly eager to see what's going to be done in another title.

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I was unimpressed. I honestly thought a lot of what they showed could graphically be done with the PS3. But, I will wait to see more in the months to come.

Actually have to agree with you there.

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@iliketaters: Agreed. A lot of the time "questing" made you search some really obscure things that you may have once liked and just forgotten about as time went on and then it sparks your interest and seeing additions to it by other members could cause you to get to know some of them and socialize a bit more on the site.

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A chance to drool and spend money we already don't have :-P

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I have 3 sparrows and lilacs on my left leg. My sister had liver cancer at 28 and I got the piece done, she has thankfully recovered. the 3 birds represent me, my dad and my sister; the lilacs are my mom who kept us strong, safe and together.

I will get more when I have the money (my first piece is large and cost me about $1400 USD prior to tipping, prob another 300-400 on top of that. Also I will only tattoo meaningful things to me on my body, just has to mean something to me; I don't give a shit about what other people think of it.

My other concept is a grim reaper of sorts on my other leg to represent change (much like the death tarot card), I've changed a lot as a person within the past 5 years but am not sure if I want a reaper on my body for my entire life.

That's very sweet and exactly what to consider when you get one! Unless it carries value for you then it's just like.. "meh..." That's the blessing/cures of ink. Some people see tattoos and they turn up their nose and/or say, "well that's just ugly. -I- wouldn't get that on -my- body." So that's when you say... "Well then shut your mouth because it -isn't- on you. It's -mine- and if you don't like it that's fine but don't act all shitty about it just because you don't like/understand it." Had to listen to that tired old shit from in-laws for the last 5 years. Can't wait to hear all the shit I'm going to get for my half-sleeve I'm getting worked on at the moment.

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At some point, I'm going to get a Link sprite from A Link to the Past tattooed somewhere on my body. Nothing huge... just something that has a ton of personal meaning to me on multiple levels.

-THAT- is awesome! My half-sleeve I'm getting put on at the moment is a game tattoo and I got it for the same reason. A lot of meaning behind it and I couldn't be happier. It's been 6 years since I got my last one and I've been kicking around concepts for this one for almost 4 years so I'm glad I'm just finally getting it put on.

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Got the season pass, so I'll play this...when they raise the level cap! Played through the pirate DLC, which was awesome, but waiting for that cap raise before going through the rest of them.

I got the season pass too but everywhere I even look at the DLCs (main menu and XBLM) it tells me if I download it there (in either place) that I'm going to get double charged so I haven't even bothered and will just wait for the level cap before I worry about it much more.

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I'm still trying to finish the main game. I got to Opportunity and put the game down. I was just too burned out on it. I just went back to it last night. That Statuesque mission is ticking me off, but I decided to wait on that until I finish everything else in the main game (and level up more). Also, I don't think I'm going to bother with the Demon Hunter quest. :)

That quest is a huge pain in the ass. I actually just did in with my Gunzerker and for some reason I not only completed it quicker than I expected but I also got the bonus objective for keeping the bot above 50% health. Not looking forward to that again but then again the only two characters I've gotten to (or past) that with in the story so far are Salvador and Axton. One of my friends said it's easiest with Maya because you can just keep shooting the bot and replenishing its' health.