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IGN: MachineSailor

I started playing back in beta and left shortly after launch. I just came back to the game around the 1 year anniversary and am looking to join up with some fellow duders. I'm new to the whole mmo/raid thing so i'll just be looking to group up occasionally to loot and level up while learning the ropes.

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Is anyone playing? Post your username and system so other duders can meet up.

PC and PS3


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Agreed. It's been a great week for content!

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Just wanted to post about a great documentary about the history of F1 called 1: Life on the Limit. It touches on the dangers through history and evolution of the sport to what it is today. I highly recommend it for all duders to check out.

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I decided to check this game out last night and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it far more than my time with titanfall. The variety in the mechs keeps every engagement exciting and the micro-transactions are quite sensible. The entry level mech they give you can hold it's own even against pay frames. Glad I decided to try this one out, it was exactly what I was looking for.


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