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I am currently looking at and considerign getting a Wii U but need some help on what games to get for it. Never owned a Wii so figured ill look for some of those games to get too.

Right now my list consists of: Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2, Wind Waker HD. Been thinking if there are some other games i might have missed.

Hoping someone here have some suggestions for decent Wii/Wii U games i might have missed.

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Gwent gave me a similar feeling to Archmage in Might and Magic 8. Just feels like a simple small game you can do every now and then

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I wish i had just a small bit of the artistic talent some of you duders have.

Now if it was a math/physics related i would do much better :)

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Ended up with 1233 Hours, either i have to play that or listen to Rush's "2112" album 1898 times.
Good thing its music so i could do both at the same time and just sit and count the times i finish the album

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So sorry for your loss

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Personally i play some WoW or Marvel Heroes as i listen to podcast.

Been thinking of trying Warframe. Not sure if that might fit your need? Or maybe Planetside 2

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@jimbozu: @gakon: Is the guilds on US servers?

Hoping to find a EU guild myself.

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If there is a European GB guild I want in. Dan made me reactivate and now i hope there are some duders to play with.

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Welcome to both Jason and Dan. Looking forward to more people in the SF office, hoping on some silly stuff happening.

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Grew up with JRA, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, i have had a few surgeries in both the arms and legs. So after i finally got more or less rid of the pains, I am now doing more exercises to get more muscles back and not just flexibility in the joints. So are doing a mix of cardio and strength workout twice a week about 2 hours each time.

No special goals other then to keep my self in decent shape and keep my joints from getting worse again :)