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#1 Posted by Sloktor (46 posts) -

I hooked the PC up my TV right before christmas, and having spent alot of time with Big Picture mode i have yet to see it crash. So probably was just early bugs :)

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Really interested in Dead Rising 3, but since xbox doesnt arrive in norway until next year it made me start looking into Wii U/3Ds instead for some Zelda and Mario

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Got an extra copy of Terraria if anyone is interested to trade for some other games or cards.

Feels just wrong to leave it there all alone...

Steam name is the same as here, so let me know if you are interested

#4 Posted by Sloktor (46 posts) -

I also got some coupouns i could give away:

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#6 Posted by Sloktor (46 posts) -

RIP Ryan, always being your self and bringing so much of your self to this site. Condollences to all friends and family. He will be missed by all

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Welcome back Rorie.

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Best of luck to you and your family Dave and happy to hear that Rorie now is part of the GB team.

Hope to see you dropping in on some live streams and similar.

#9 Posted by Sloktor (46 posts) -

@morka: Good to see another person for the Stavanger area here.

Norweigan duder here, playing mainly on XBOX 360 and Steam. Anyone feel free to add me on friends lists if you want someone to play with or just compete with on leaderboards.

360 GT: Sloktor

Steam GT: Sloktor

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@fredddi43: I might be a bit late to the party, but i got a level 50 siren. Still got plans to kill lvl50 bosses? Got the season pass so a few bosses left to kill there aswell.

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