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Personally i play some WoW or Marvel Heroes as i listen to podcast.

Been thinking of trying Warframe. Not sure if that might fit your need? Or maybe Planetside 2

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@jimbozu: @gakon: Is the guilds on US servers?

Hoping to find a EU guild myself.

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If there is a European GB guild I want in. Dan made me reactivate and now i hope there are some duders to play with.

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Welcome to both Jason and Dan. Looking forward to more people in the SF office, hoping on some silly stuff happening.

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Grew up with JRA, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, i have had a few surgeries in both the arms and legs. So after i finally got more or less rid of the pains, I am now doing more exercises to get more muscles back and not just flexibility in the joints. So are doing a mix of cardio and strength workout twice a week about 2 hours each time.

No special goals other then to keep my self in decent shape and keep my joints from getting worse again :)

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Klepp stasjon, Klepp, Norway

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Spent my 17th of May celebration with some Dota 2, now heading out to Stavanger to eat with family. Hope everyone else had a great day celebrating the 200th anniverary of the constituion

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I hooked the PC up my TV right before christmas, and having spent alot of time with Big Picture mode i have yet to see it crash. So probably was just early bugs :)

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Really interested in Dead Rising 3, but since xbox doesnt arrive in norway until next year it made me start looking into Wii U/3Ds instead for some Zelda and Mario

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Got an extra copy of Terraria if anyone is interested to trade for some other games or cards.

Feels just wrong to leave it there all alone...

Steam name is the same as here, so let me know if you are interested