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Been through it all myself. I'm about to turn 23, gay and about to attempt to enter the games industry at a design level as i'm in university right now trying to get a degree in games design, and not sure how hard/awkward its going to be. Its worrying but i'm also looking forward to it, i feel sometimes i'm holding the flag a little bit.  
There is a misconception of what a gay person is/should be. I'm very happy i'm not that stereotype, i'm a proper guy, i like beer, bad tv, take about 2 minutes to get ready to go out and with the exception of the strip club i got dragged to for a stag do actually prefer a straight pub and club scene. Its a shame, but all i can do is be myself and hope that i can show a few people i'll meet in my life that its not always the case. While in university now, a few friends i have made there have confesses that they considered themselves homophobic before they met me. This may have been because i didnt tell them straight away (not intentional, just didnt come up in conversation :D ) 
But its definatly hard being gay in any society to some extent, but i'm happy with how things are going and have to admit i myself call things "gay" with no irony meant, so i'm probably not helping in the long term in that respect :) 
give me a shout if you ever want a random chat :)