New games - Feb

 Just ordered Mirror's Edge for $10 shipped on Newegg.  Not super interested in the game, but for that price, why not.

I also started thinking about Bioshock 2.  I'll get it for PC probably, and the steam preorder deal isn't too bad: $45, free Bioshock 1.  I already have the first on disc, and never finished it though I liked it.

I'm interested in No More Heroes 2, but I have the first and never really played it!  So maybe I'll get around to that soon.  But exam study mode is starting to ramp up, and my time is going to be limited by actuarial videos!  Ack!  Raving Rabbids Go Home is on sale for $40... which was tempting me earlier.
Heavy Rain is a must buy for me at this point.  As is FF13.  And of course GT5 whenever it comes out.  Hopefully in the summer.


Xmas gaming

Hi all.  Been busy with work and studying.  This is the first weekend in a LONG time I didn't really have to do that much.  BTW, I passed my sixth actuarial exam now, so I have three left to go until I'm done with all of that.  Which means I get a raise and can afford more games!! woot
Games I bought for others for xmas:
Rock Band Country Track Pack (I personally hate country but whatever, it was cheap enough)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Games I bought for myself:
Madworld (Wii)
Final Fantasy IV (DS)
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy (PSP)  - yes, I have a PSP game but not a PSP system, lol.  Maybe I can borrow someone's?  I know most people just have them laying around :P
Dead Space (PS3)
Sins of a Solar Empire (PC)
The Political Machine 2008 (PC)
None of the above games were more than $20.  In fact, they probably averaged $15.
I really don't know what I would pick for best game of 2009.  I can't even begin to remember what games were released this year.  And I didn't actually play or buy a lot of the games released this year.  I'll wait until I see some other people's lists to remember what was released.  Or maybe use Wikipedia.
Right now I'm playing a lot of Final Fantasy XII.  I'm enjoying the game a lot, but I wish there weren't so many times where I need to go to the map or lookup in a gamefaq what I'm supposed to do.  Part of it is my fault for listening to podcasts while playing so I can't hear the cutscenes.
Looking forward to Bayonetta.  I might get that game day 1.  We'll see what the reviews say about it.  But it looks pretty good.
Beyond that, March looks good with potentially FFXIII and GT5 coming out.


To PSP or not to PSP

Ugh.  Sony does not make my decisions easy.  If the PSP Go came out for like $150 then DONE.
But now I have to decide whether another portable is even usable for me.  I mean, I don't travel that much... though I do have two trips coming up.  One to Chicago, where I will probably take the Amtrak which is 5 hours each way.  And another to Atlanta where I will be flying, but still the airport has a lot of dead time.
Other than that, though, it's not like I take a subway to work (or that my city even has even the first step to a serviceable public system).  And if I go somewhere, I probably am driving myself.  With plenty of games on the PS3 and PC, why even bother?  
You know what.. maybe I shouldn't bother.  I can catch up on books and other junk that I put off by trying to squeeze in yet another piece of plastic electronics that will end up broke, with a bad battery, or collecting dust.  I haven't touched my DS for a game in a LONG while.  Maybe I should just finish those games.
Gaming as consumption is not a good thing.  I learned that a while ago, but it's really hard to maintain that mindset and keep yourself from collecting too many (especially once you get out a get a job, or are good at burning DVDs).  If I wait and buy just a few games a year, I can guarantee I will enjoy each of them more than a stack of games that I never reach.
I sometimes forget how much better PC gaming is, too.  A mediocre game on PC is still quite high quality, and very often much more fun than a console, to me.  Fat Princess was cool for a couple days, but it's nothing compared to Team Fortress 2.  And they cost about the same.  Those $60 shooters on console look better, play better, and are $50 on PC.  The prices go down much faster with digital distribution, too.  Unlike Sony's platform, where things hardly go on sale or lower in price.  Price parity sucks.
So where should I put the $200, which I decided I *could* budget out if I want?  Well I could get the Gran Turismo PSP pack.  Game and system for a "meh" price.  I could ask for the PSP Go for xmas... and get only that one thing.  I may upgrade my PS3 to the slim, but I don't need that right away, probably wait until next year.  
Upgrade the PC?  Not a bad option.  I bought my PC with the intent to upgrade the CPU in a year.. and now it's already two years since I built it.  I've been waiting for a CPU price drop, but it hasn't happened yet!  Maybe some Newegg sale will get me on black Friday.  Or save my money?  Well I do have to pay off my college.  We'll see what happens.  I've got yet another exam coming up at the end of Oct and will find results before xmas time.  If I pass, you can bet there will be frivolous spending of an exam bonus!
P.S. I made a list of games that I might look at getting for the rest of the year.  Sadly, it is only three games.  But there aren't ever that many games I'm looking forward to at any given time, so that's not a strange thing.


The first Wii game I bought this YEAR (... and it's Sept)


Well I did skip Wii Sports Resort, but what else has there been this year on the Wii?  A few interesting games like Madworld, but nothing so much that it would make me add a game to my plate.  PS3 has been too good to me.  Lots of downloadable games - Wipeout HD Fury, Fat Princess, some PSOne Classic releases, RE5, and many Rock Band DLC releases.  (And no... I am not getting Beatles Rock Band)
Then there comes Muramasa.  Totally under my radar until I saw the Quick Look.  But it's even better than the Quick Look.  It seems like Ryan isn't really feeling the game or cares too much about learning how to get good at the fighting.  It is difficult.  And I certainly don't blame him for not being super enthusiastic about every single game.  I dunno maybe he was tired that day, who cares.  But the depth of this game is very refreshing for a 2D game.  Another good thing about the graphics is that 2D almost never looks bad.  I mean, these days if you're not totally f'ing up a game, it's going to be clean and serviceable at worst.
The sword play is a beat-em-up, but reminds me a bit of Devil May Cry .  The health and items are like an RPG.  The sword forging is like a strategy game's tech tree.  I'd say the story is quite unique.  The art style, just amazing.  And of course, I love the native Japanese audio track (no dubs even on the disc).  FWIW, I can understand about 75% of the dialogue so far.
Check it out!



Sorry I've been doing nothing on GB.  A good reason though: I've been on vacation!   Just staying within Michigan this time.  It may be my last chance to do so.  You never know when I'm gonna get a new spiffy job in some other state :)
Tomorrow I will be catching up on a bunch of podcasts that I missed, two weeks worth of endurance runs, going through my pictures, and readying my fantasy football strategy.
It was nice to have a break from the computer screen... both at work and at home.  Though I stayed in touch via the phone.  But no gaming in the last two weeks for me.  I'll be re-strategizing my money situation to see where I am and how soon I can get the new PSP.  I hope to get one at launch, but there are some guitar effects I'd like to buy too.  Though my mind might change if the screen is not fixed over the PSP 3000 model.
I've been talking with someone from work about both getting the Madden 10 and starting an online league.  But I don't really expect that to happen.  I think fantasy will be enough for me.


Wipeout HD Fury

Gets my seal of approval.  Especially after the patch today, which helped some framerate issues.  I will write about it later, or maybe write a review.  But it's like 2am, so I'm not going to make a long post now.

I still think something is messed up with the sound, though.  The ship engine sounds seem way too loud on the new maps.  Strange...


Internet back on (or not?)

It's been two weeks, but I've finally completely switched off of Comcast, and onto AT&T DSL.  Although it's only a max 3Mb connection, I think I'll live until fiber comes around here (Verizon or AT&T).  Anyways it's half price of the cable internet, which wasn't working anyways.  Had to change some router setting to get it to work with the DSL modem.  Basically change the router from to  Tricky.

Anyways, got the iPhone and it's all hooked up with my wifi as well.  Man, the battery drains on that thing fast when you download like a dozen apps over 3g.  First order of business on wifi was to d/l the latest bombcast =)

EDIT: My DSL already had a glitch.  Ended up turning the PC off, and plugging into the other phone line.  Magically back on!  Ok... so started the PC up again and plugged back into the original phone line.  Still works.  WTF???



iPhone - my new phone is coming today :)

internet - my internet (formerly comcast, now at&t DSL) will be on again starting tomorrow.

Until then... no real updates!

Right now, I've been playing Trash Panic (stuck on the boss of level 5 on medium), and a little bit of Civ 4.  But only because I have no internet, or else it would be many other things including tf2.

ps. I passed my exam.  5 down, 4 to go.



Started up a game real quick with the PSN version, and it's nowhere near as bad as people made it out to be.  I remember playing it back on the PSX, and the gameplay and story are just as good as I imagined it.  The graphics are not that horrid.  Blocky, yes.  But still worth playing, IMO.

Resident Evil, on the other hand......  hey look!  The Dual Shock version lets you use the analog stick and vibration!  The intro sequence is classic, lol.  PS1 on PS3 is a win for nostalgia.

Remember to watch I Survived A Japanese Game Show this week.  It starts Weds at 9pm on ABC.  I need to spread the word, so it doesn't get cancelled.  I love the show, but feel like it's not going to last too long.  Let's hope it does!  The best parts are the rewards/punishments.  It's nostalgia for me, since it seems like I've actually done most of those things in real life!  Honestly, it presents a decent view of very specific things in Japan - relative to the shit that's filtered through the TV, at least.  And the reactions of the American contestants are usually quite realistic and not a dumb response like "that's weird, I'm not doing it."  The contestants last year actually gave a damn, which really made it enjoyable.