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Continues to get HD JRPG remakes, which is a plus to me. If you want value in games and like the genre, they give you tons of gameplay. With PS+, you get at least a handful of the must-have games for Vita. I wouldn't say there's an abundance of original games, but I really want to get around to Soul Sacrifice and see if that's any good.

I think there are two main groups of games that you'll get a lot of: (1) the typical Sony stuff like Killzone, God of War, Super Stardust, Wipeout , and then (2) strange Japanese stuff.. mostly downloadable and relatively cheap. If you are interested in Persona 4, that and one or two other things make it a buy, IMHO.

I think the biggest thing you have to consider is: do you want any portable machine? For me, I don't use it much as a portable machine, but more often just to have on the couch while I ignore watching a TV show, or while watching Giantbomb livestreams. I don't have a bus commute every day like some people, but it's still fun to play at home, too.

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Two words: Funky Barn.

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I only have Wipeout HD and Demon's Souls plat's, which is kind of strange.

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thanks for putting this list together

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thanks for the info, might check these kind of games out

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You spelled transfarring wrong. :P

Basically, you'll need to have a PS3 to download the games, and then do some transferring from there

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The PSP version of P3 is great. A lot of little improvements to the PS2 version.

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Is that the wolf-like thing (the guy who turns into something)? Honestly, it's been a while, but I do remember an early fight that was way too tough. I think I ended up grinding a little bit (which was tough, since there aren't that many places to go), and pre-chugging a bunch of potions. Chugging some during combat, too. Then it still took a few tries. I don't think it comes up too often elsewhere in the game. There are definitely other tough spots, but they are more or less avoidable / manageable. It does suck that it's so early in the game. Getting perfect on the combat can go a long way.

I hate when cheap stuff like that happens in games. Then again, I love Demons/Dark Souls. Go figure. At least you know it's your fault in those games 90% of the time.

good luck

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Steam just downloaded the update, so I'm good to go.

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Breton - because I liked their back story a bit, they don't look too non-human, and the magic resist. Although at first I planned to make more of a magic build, I'm switching more to a sneaky archer, falling back on magic attack and single-hand when needed. Magic resist as a magic user seemed like a good match, but honestly anyone could use more magic resist.