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I'm a gamer, that's why I'm here.  I've been gaming since before I can remember.  My first (and favorite) game system was the Super Nintendo, which I got when I was four years old on Christmas Eve of 1993.  My favorite game of all-time is Super Mario World, mainly because it holds a special place in my heart.  My next game system was a Playstation which I got on my birthday of 1998.  Two years passed and I got a PS2, my second favorite game system of all-time.  In 2001 I got a Gameboy Advance for my birthday and it has been my favorite handheld ever since (also can be credited for 2/3 of my username)   Since then, I've been buying game systems left and right:  Genesis, Gamecube, NES, N64, pong consoles, and so forth.
I own all three current generation consoles and a "meh" PC.  I play pretty much every genre, from games like Super Mario Galaxy to Team Fortress 2 to DJ Hero.