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Im with you guano ... don't want to airplay things when I don't need to.

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I was wondering the same thing ... :(

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Great work on this !

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Going to trade in some console games that I don't play and grab some steam cards to buy a lot more games that I will not play...

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I would hope to see some FPro on UPF ... :(

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Looks like mychoice shows it coming tomorrow afternoon , WIll have to grab a frame on the way back. 36x18 correct from the post above?

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Yes , this has been going on for a while now as noted ... for now I'm just letting them figure it out and for sub-only videos , airplay/safari is all I need. (Do hope it gets fixed though)

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Noticed on the Video buddy app on IOS that they were talking about the API changes for these things. Airplay for now can work for me but weird that I was using the webapp for plex and updated key and that works fine , but did not store the information on the player on the machine it is coming from. Just did a clean installed and will be awaiting the changes :)

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Happy to hear it is on the list, still the same issue here and new plex server and software release out so would test with that during bug killing.

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Thanks !!!!