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Congrats to Iron1c on the win! That's two in a row now. Boom, confetti.

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@iron1c: Oooh! Me! I'm excited! TALLADEGA, LET'S GO AWAY, LET'S GO AWAY! TALLADEGA USA!!!!!!!!!!

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I bought a cheap Steam key for Race Injection because I saw a screenshot of a Ford GT and when I tried to redeem it, I was shocked to discover that I already had Race Injection! I presume that means this key will still work, if anyone here wants to try and redeem it.


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@noryia: man, I've been seeing my FPS drop into the 80s recently with lots of cars around...and I just can't run those low graphics :P

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@noryia: Yeah, iRacing is pretty CPU-heavy from what I've read. I kinda want to replace my AMD with an i5 but that's not necessary right now, maybe when I have 3 screens though...

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I was all excited about The Crew and then I played the beta. Ignoring the crashes because it's a beta, I was most disappointed with the car handling. It just felt weird, not at all like Driver:SF which was an awesome game. I'll still give this game a chance, but I have lowered my expectations.

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@jertje: that's pretty good. My first problem is that I don't have a shifter mount. I could probably get one or make one, though. Actually I should get one and mount a button box to it, then squeeze the cupholder into the design somehow :D

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Considering these two pages refer to different variations/layouts of the same actual race course, they should be a single page. Also there needs to be a rename for the page that is kept.

This page has a bit more info and should be kept, but renamed to remove the "Oval" part.

This second page is mostly empty and I've added the relevant characters, objects, concepts and game appearances to the other page, so it can be deleted.