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Hell, I'll play it.

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I think we definitely need a whole bunch of test races, I'll even set some up if needed. I'm confident that at least one of these cars will make for a perfect BOMBCAR season. :D

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I think the SLM is pretty fun and forgiving. It's not as powerful as the NASCAR cars, but it is also lighter so it's still pretty dang fast. It has a number of baseline setups plus it's an active series so people post setups on the forums. Plus you can do cool stuff with the paint schemes like put weird headlights on it to represent a Ford Thunderbird :D

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@noryia: Don't worry about it, I probably should have waited for a better spot to make the pass. I also kinda missed the apex, which didn't help.

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Completely choked on lap one, then spun on lap two, and then again on lap fifteen...gave up the points lead as well, so overall a great day! :/

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I like 'em! :D

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@iron1c: Honesty is the best policy :D

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According to my calculations, if @thatguylfs wins every remaining race, then he could still win the championship despite missing a few races. @khann would need to finish 2nd place in every race to hang on, while I could win the title with 4 second-place finishes and 2 third-place finishes. Everyone else needs @thatguylfs to have at least one bad finish. :D Of course, it opens things up considerably if someone else wins a race.

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Irwindale is tricky. Maybe one of you can master it better than I can! *starts panicking*

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@khann: So that's why you were weirdly slow on some laps :D I was hoping to keep it close and pass you at the end, but I slid off track in the slow section and had to limp to the finish.