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So here's that page again that keeps track of all the points standings, schedules and other cool stats like all-time wins, top fives, etc.

I also linked it on the first page about 5 posts down if you need to find it later.

Great race, and sorry again to Khann for that crash. Nice win Travis, the draft was the only thing keeping me close to you.

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Today's my birthday, and there's nothing I'd like more than a new attendance record for BOMBCAR tonight, so everyone show up if you can and make my birthday wish come true! Or show up and heckle me. That would be alright too.

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So...yeah. I have a new associate sponsor on my BOMBCAR Mustang:

Don't you judge me.

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@sebw: Sorry for the confusion! I set fixed setups at Daytona to keep everyone bunched up in one big pack and prevent anyone from making a bad decision with grill tape.

Open setups will be the norm, but in most cases you should be fine with the standard iRacing-provided setup. I plan to use them without any significant changes for most of the season.

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@iron1c said:

@khann said:

@iron1c: It's one of my favourite tracks as well, but with the survey results and trying to get a reasonable balance of free, re-used and "supporting" tracks, it was cut. There are a few tracks cut this season that will definitely be in the next.

New series: Unloved Legends. All three F1 cars (Lotus 49, 79 and Williams) on Bathurst, Spa, Montreal, etc. Just us two, maybe @slowbird so he can drive the '49.

Throw in the V8 Supercar and Sonoma and you might be on to something.

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@thesupernatural: We should have warned you about the RUF's bounciness sooner. It was actually not so bad a couple of months ago, but when they did the last update it got worse.

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Yeah, I basically agree with you guys. Allow the racing line for those who want it, but encourage them to eventually turn it off when they get more comfortable. It took me a long time to get away from using it on Forza, but when I did, it felt really good.