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Bad news, everyone! The evil Camaro has scored two consecutive wins, and increased Chevrolet's lead in the standings! Can you believe that nonsense? Only a few brave souls can save us from this terrible fate by joining Team Mustang!

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Congrats to Iron1c on the win! That's two in a row now. Boom, confetti.

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@iron1c: Oooh! Me! I'm excited! TALLADEGA, LET'S GO AWAY, LET'S GO AWAY! TALLADEGA USA!!!!!!!!!!

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I bought a cheap Steam key for Race Injection because I saw a screenshot of a Ford GT and when I tried to redeem it, I was shocked to discover that I already had Race Injection! I presume that means this key will still work, if anyone here wants to try and redeem it.


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@noryia: man, I've been seeing my FPS drop into the 80s recently with lots of cars around...and I just can't run those low graphics :P

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@noryia: Yeah, iRacing is pretty CPU-heavy from what I've read. I kinda want to replace my AMD with an i5 but that's not necessary right now, maybe when I have 3 screens though...

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I was all excited about The Crew and then I played the beta. Ignoring the crashes because it's a beta, I was most disappointed with the car handling. It just felt weird, not at all like Driver:SF which was an awesome game. I'll still give this game a chance, but I have lowered my expectations.

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@jertje: that's pretty good. My first problem is that I don't have a shifter mount. I could probably get one or make one, though. Actually I should get one and mount a button box to it, then squeeze the cupholder into the design somehow :D