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Just under an hour to the start of practice now :D DAYYYYYYYYTOOOOOONNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAA LET'S GO AWAY (let's go away)

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@c0braje7 We could run this paint scheme for BOMBCAR, with different number colors (orange/green?) Still not sure what to do for GBGT.

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Hey, so we're using fixed setups for BOMBCAR this season. If it works well, great! If not, we'll revisit the idea after the season. Just a few notes:

1. Because of the fixed setups, solo testing is much more feasible, so we won't run the 2-hour open practice for BOMBCAR.

2. For those wanting to do solo test sessions, the weather for each race is visible HERE on this beautiful schedule so that you can set up your test session's weather exactly the same as the race. (If you need help changing your test session weather, just ask)

3. In almost all cases, these will be the iRacing-supplied setups for each specific track, so you can practice for the race without downloading anything.However, for Watkins Glen Classic, the iRacing setup will be modified slightly to adjust the gearing for the Classic layout. I will share the modified setup on the forums for testing purposes the week of the race.

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FYI: I'm giving BOMBCAR an extra fast repair, so that's THREE per race now, so everyone should have a better chance to make it to the finish...which will also help you score extra "still running at the finish" bonus points! Also instead of a regular season and a chase, we'll run THE WHOLE SEASON AS A CHASE (with two drop weeks) IT'S THE CHASE FOR THE CUP STARTING RIGHT AWAY WOOOOOOOOOOO

@c0braje7: I'll have to see what I can round up for a team paint. If not, then just something cool with Ford logos on it.

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oops I should probably set up BOMBCAR, yeah.

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@c0braje7: TEAM FORD RACING yesssssssssssss :D

(also, yes that Wreckfest game is amazing and everyone should buy it)

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Last season the Friday and Saturday races were 9 PM EST and the Sunday race was 8 PM EST.

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Hey, hi! I've given Khann the BOMBCAR schedule so he can add it to the first post.

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