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FYI: I'm giving BOMBCAR an extra fast repair, so that's THREE per race now, so everyone should have a better chance to make it to the finish...which will also help you score extra "still running at the finish" bonus points! Also instead of a regular season and a chase, we'll run THE WHOLE SEASON AS A CHASE (with two drop weeks) IT'S THE CHASE FOR THE CUP STARTING RIGHT AWAY WOOOOOOOOOOO

@c0braje7: I'll have to see what I can round up for a team paint. If not, then just something cool with Ford logos on it.

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oops I should probably set up BOMBCAR, yeah.

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@c0braje7: TEAM FORD RACING yesssssssssssss :D

(also, yes that Wreckfest game is amazing and everyone should buy it)

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Last season the Friday and Saturday races were 9 PM EST and the Sunday race was 8 PM EST.

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Hey, hi! I've given Khann the BOMBCAR schedule so he can add it to the first post.

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Yeah, prototypes would be cool someday.

If it were up to me, Formula Duder would use either the Radical or the HPD, because those cars are fast with downforce (like open-wheel cars) but have fenders and are slightly less fragile. But yeah, maybe someday we'll have enough people to do a multi-class race.

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I think BOMBCAR's schedule will be similar to the previous one, but I need to cut one track (and Charlotte will go from 2 races to 1) so, here's two questions:

Which of the following would you absolutely DEMAND to keep on the schedule?

1. Talladega

2. Darlington

3. Phoenix (we'd run with the cones this time)

Second question...which road course should we race?

1. Keep Watkins Glen!

2. Suzuka East!

3. Sonoma (nobody will pick this but me)

4. Some other road course!

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@iron1c: it's okay this is the only thing Ford will win this year in the entire world, probably :/

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Okay, I'm lazy and didn't do this for a while, but here are the final manufacturer standings for BOMBCAR! Now, before I show you the results, I should mention that Chevy led for quite a while due to Ironic's mid-season win streak, and had a rather large advantage during that stretch...but also, it's very important to note that Chevy only had TWO cars for the final race, which really hurt them when combined with Ironic's bad finish. And so, without further ado, I present you this chart.