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BOMBCAR is almost here! Here's how excited I am!

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I'm putting a Bristol setup over in the setup thread for Formula Duder. It may be slow as crap, and it's pretty twitchy, but it should be better than the default setup, I think.

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Yep, if the highest-placed lapped car gets even a 0x, then there will be no free pass awarded. (It doesn't go to the next car in line either.) Also, if you want to get a wave-around, the best chance is to hope that every lead-lap car pits, and then you stay out and get ahead of them in the pacing line.

Also FYI, this was implied above but just to make it clear, if the highest-placed lapped car is two laps down, then he would get one lap back on the free pass, and then he could get another free pass at the next caution to get back on the lead lap. Hopefully we won't have too many cautions though!

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@skullcrushermountain: You're right, I should have backed off there. I was just frustrated by getting passed constantly in the oval and then trying to fight back on the infield, and I thought I could out-brake you in turn 1 like I did a few laps before. Obviously I was being too aggressive and didn't have the talent to make it work.

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Another very fun and exciting race!

And another crash caused by me.

Sorry @skullcrushermountain and @hayfourzee it could have been a good finish if not for my mistake.

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@mouse said:

@khann: Was this decision made recently? "Forgot to tell ya..." Ahahaha :P

By the way, how is BOMBCAR manufacturer points tallied? Top X finishers score?

Top 3 finishers from each manufacturer, using the same points they scored for the driver's standings. That's probably not the best way to do it, but oh well :P

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@iron1c: I'm starting to think we should keep track of the GBGT manufacturer points as well :D

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@thesupernatural: I know how you feel, and it's completely understandable. I know I've been in that situation before and I probably bothered everyone with my complaining more than once. The only thing that I can say is, at least with iRacing I can just complain to myself by not pressing that talk button. Just shout at myself when nobody can hear me.

@mouse: Hmmm, that's a difficult question. I think we would use the new version, unless a majority of people can't afford to buy it and already own the old track. (They would probably knock the old version down to five dollars, for what it's worth.)

@travis_mihm: I switched the team standings from "average" to "sum". That seems to have had the desired effect :D

Furthermore, as you can see here in my Misleading Chart That Isn't Sorted Properly, the manufacturer standings for BOMBCAR have closed up quite a bit!

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So here's that page again that keeps track of all the points standings, schedules and other cool stats like all-time wins, top fives, etc.

I also linked it on the first page about 5 posts down if you need to find it later.

Great race, and sorry again to Khann for that crash. Nice win Travis, the draft was the only thing keeping me close to you.