Slowbird's List of the Most Awesome Racing Games Ever

I'm making this list because these games are all awesome in some way. The order of ranking is not necessarily based on quality, but on my own bias towards certain types of vehicles or other game elements.

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Posted by AjayRaz

my friends and i spent too much time griefing around on Live For Speed, just playing around with the glitchy portions of the tracks where you drove into a specific object and it would rocket your car into the sky. we never crashed into others though.

cool list. fun to read and pretty lengthy!

Posted by slowbird

@AjayRaz: thanks :D

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

I never play racing games. I'd love to check some out and this is gonna be my checklist to play them.

Posted by slowbird

@Apparatus_Unearth: Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Which means if you hate all these games, try Ridge Racer instead.