Quick Links

You may have heard of these before, but here are some quick links to some websites I quite enjoy: 

  • The Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy - As it says, a massive collection of article on many different philosophical subjects and philosophers. 
  • Goodreads - A site that makes it easy to track books you have read, are currently reading and / or will read in the future.  It also has many reviews of many different books.  I found it quite helpful, being a bit of a bookworm. 
  • Konami Code Sites - A site that lists other sites that use the Konami Code in some fashion.  Very good. 
  • HubbleSite - The site for the Hubble Telescope, including some excellent pictures of SPACE. 
  • BLDGBLOG - A site by a man called Geoff Manaugh and has to do with "architectural conjecture, urban speculation and landscape futures."  There are also a couple of article by Jim Rossignol, covering architecture in video games. 
Hey hey, done-diddly-done, 

Memorable Music! Rip-off Edition!

I saw Symphony's Memorable Music Tracks! series of blogs (part one, part two, part three) and decided to steal that idea. 
Video game music that I remember.  Right.  Bloggity blog bloggy blog blog.  I'm going to use slightly more recent releases than Symphony's choices as my focus.

The 2007 Selection

BioShock - Cohen's Masterpiece / Cohen's Scherzo No. 7
This is fabulous.  Gary Schyman seemingly emulated Rachmaninoff's piano style, which, as a fan of the ol' Ruskie, just crushes my face.  Listen to it!  If you have played BioShock, do you remember where this is in the game?  The juxtaposition for me of this beautiful Romantic-esque piano scherzo and the... peculiar objective that the player character is given at the time.  

Mirror's Edge -  Main Menu Theme 
A lot of people didn't like Mirror's Edge, but I did.  The world was beautiful, filled with strong, bold colours and lovely soft synth sounds.  The main menu theme is this warm inviting aural pleasure, that wants you to just sit and listen.  It is also similar to Lisa Misovsky's Still Alive, which was used during the promotional run up and over the end credits.

Mass Effect - Mass Effect Theme 
Synths and an orchestra rising higher and higher into the vast reaches of the galaxy.  Spreading through space with the human race.  Gorgeous. 


Backwards To Go Forwards

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath - A Remote Town
A lot of the music in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath is tense and atmospheric.  It is evocative of the Ennio Morricone's soundtracks to Sergio Leone's films while still being true to the World of Odd.  

Fable - Main Theme
And so continues my love of all things Lionhead.  Danny Elfman wrote the main theme for Fable.  It has just the right amount of that grim fairytale tone that helped set the mood for a lot of that game, besides the rude and crude emotes. 

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Podcasts Wot I Listen To

Here is a quick list of the podcasts I quite enjoy listening to apart from the Bombcast. 

1.  Idle Thumbs 

Idle Thumbs consists of vaguely videogame related discussion by thes fools: 
Chris Remo, of Gamasutra 
Nick Breckon, of Shacknews 
Jake Rodkin, of Telltale. 
It's one of the silliest podcasts about videogames that I've heard.  They often have comedy music thrown in there too. 

2.  The Rock, Paper, Shotgun Electronic Wireless Show 

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is an interesting little website focused on PC games.  Their podcast has this weird leapfrog way of going about. 
One week would have the Bath-based John Walker and Jim Rossignol. 
The next week would have London-based Kieron Gillen and Alec Meer. 
Kieron and Alec have seemingly missed their turn for the last few weeks, but the John and Jim's intelligent fortnightly babble makes up for it. 

3.  Rum Doings

Rum Doings is a new podcast also with John Walker, this time joined by his friend Nick Malier and NOT ABOUT VIDEOGAMES.  Their idea for this was to have a podcast that was entirely off-topic.  They choose a topic and then try their best to avoid it.  It's quite funny if a bit mad.
Episode One here. 
Episode Two here. 
And that's that,