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It could be Granny Rags, it could be the Torturer in Dunwall Tower or the child from the pre-release animated shorts. The Outsider says to Daud in the Knife of Dunwall that there are eight with the mark... but there aren't eight possibilities.

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Mods are usually the best when they are iterated on rapidly.  Look at Garry's Mod, in the early days Garry was updating that every single day.  If a big mod was to come to consoles it would essentially have to be a complete game already, and at that point the guys making it might as well try to get an engine licence and sell their game.  Basically I don't think mods should come to consoles.

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I am particularly interested in that bit near the end where he states he wants to tell a story with mechanics.  That is a thing games can do that is unique. 
I am excited for this game in other words.

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Would it be important to have a high resolution in 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10?

I have seen some indie games that only run in 1280*720 though, which is a bit weird.  Sorry I'm not much help.
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Peter Molyneux absorbs J Allard and becomes God: HD Turbo Remix.

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And of course, after I posted this I watched that video from Gearbox showing that Duke Nukem is being delayed, but is hitting 'International' shelves on June 10th and the US on the 14th.  So us in the Old World will probably have finished it and posted every plot spoiler on this very forum by the time it hits a US console or PC (legally).

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The PC gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun has started a campaign to get rid of differences in release dates.   
They have a petition here

They used Crysis 2 as an example.  It was released on the 22nd of March in the US, the 24th in Australia and comes out tomorrow, the 25th, in Europe.  I think it should be noted that this is a game that was developed in Europe.  This is kind of the pattern now for big releases.  Publishers don't want to change it because retail stores only get their stock in once a week, and to change the release dates now would upset the entire system.  However, if they don't change the dates, then it encourages piracy: 

There is nothing publishers like to worry about more than piracy. But like a person with a fear of heights choosing to live in a cable car in space, they do seem to go out of their way to encourage it. Making loud noises about releasing a game – a game that will then be discussed across the internet by those who have completed it in the next couple of days – is a sort of international version of teasing. Impatient gamers, who would very much like to slap down their £30, find that the only way to get the game their friends are playing, and indeed to play the game with their friends, is to download it. It’s about the only realistic evidence for those who like to equate piracy with lost sales. - John Walker, RPS

[from here
I just thought I'd post about it here to try to raise awareness and hopefully encourage people to sign the petition.
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I didn't like either of the characters, but I disliked Kaidan more.  I never really used either of them throughout the game, because both Garrus and Wrex are way more SPACE than any human could ever be.

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He's also Martin Sheen.